Free Play or Cash Money... You Decide

So you're ready to sign up and make a deposit at an offshore sportsbook for the NBA playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals or whatever. Maybe you're a seasoned veteran looking to reload a depleted account from a bad run. One thing you know for sure is that you would like to take advantage of a little bonus money to add a booster to your accounts bottom line. So you are looking around at various online sportsbooks and you're trying to figure out which is the best bonus for you. There are several factors to consider when looking at bonuses, what is the rollover number, what wagers are allowed, do casino bets count, and probably most importantly is whether the bonus is paid in free play or cash. 

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Free Play Time

So what is a free play bonus offer when dealing with an offshore sportsbook? A free play is basically exactly what it states.  It's a free bet offered from the sportsbook. You simply pick your game, input your wager and select free play funds. The bet wins, great, the balance is added to your account and you are on your way. Bet loses, tough break, at least nothing is deducted from your cash account balance.

Free plays are a great way to increase your balance. The kicker with free play bets is win or lose, the initial bet is gone. They are especially popular when books allow you to use them for parlays or chasing higher ML dogs you might not necessarily be willing to fire actual cash at. Free play bonuses are generally attached to a rollover amount that varies depending on the percentage of free play bonus offered. An example from Jazzsports, this book is currently offering various free play percentages at different rollover amounts. Currently, 30% is a 5-time rollover, 50% is an 8-time rollover, and a whopping 100% free play bonus carries a hefty 12-time rollover bonus. Be sure if you look at bonus with larger rollovers that are you are least a decent volume player. 

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Straight Cash Homey

Maybe parlays and underdogs are not your things. Then you will want to at least look at books that offer cash bonuses.  Cash bonuses are just that, it's a bonus paid in cash. The beauty of cash bonuses is you receive the stake back to wager again with winning wagers. 

Which One Should I Take?

Which one you take always depends on what is being offered.  All things equal then cash is the easy choice as its value far outweighs free play bucks dollar for dollar. But books that offer both will generally offer a larger free play bonus and a smaller cash bonus. Jazzsports currently is offering a 50% free play bonus with an 8x rollover while offering a 20% cash bonus with that same 8x rollover. 

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Most estimates tend to rank free play dollars at the amount of 50% value of cash. There are several factors can alter the free play value such as underdog ml allowances and multiple parlay options but 50% is generally a good starting point when weighing your decision. 

The bottom line is to weigh your options and know what type of player you are before making a deposit for a bonus. And of course, make sure you read all the rules and regulations attached to said bonus. You want to be completely clear what you are getting into and any stipulations attached.

About the Author

Jarvis Mahogany is a life long sports fanatic and long time gambler from Miami, Fla. His love of sports in shared/inherited from his father and two siblings who share the same sentiment. His willingness to gamble enabled him to produce a successful business in rental property and land development while maintaining a passion for sports gambling that continues to this day.

Moving to Atlanta, GA in early teens he picked up his first parlay cards and it was love at first sight. While obtaining a Bachelors Degree from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) he became the go to source for all things gambling among family and friends. A tradition that still carries on to this day.

With a focus primarily on offshore books he has spent years learning the ins and out of the industry and is always wiling to share tips or ideas for others. In addition, he has a great deal of knowledge in maximizing money in the offshore industry thru use of bonuses, contest and promotions.

His belief is that any success and longevity in this industry is directly related to value on wagers. His opinion is not getting +EV on the majority of your wagers is the quickest way to get and stay in the red in this industry.

Jarvis Mahogany currently resides in Atlanta, GA.