Guide to Betting on NFL Awards Futures

Some of the most popular NFL futures markets are for the annual awards. Betting on NFL awards is easy to understand and there’s potential for a big payout if you predict the winner of one of the awards.

NFL Betting Sites

NFL awards futures are available to bet on during the offseason.

We’re going to explain the different NFL awards betting markets available at betting sites with examples. We’ll also share some insights into the markets to help you predict winners for the upcoming season.

NFL MVP Award Betting

Example: Josh Allen (+800) to Win the NFL MVP Award

The NFL MVP award is awarded to the player that is “most valuable” during the regular season according to the Associated Press (AP). You’ll want to target QBs for this market. The last ten NFL MVPs (2013-22) have been QBs. Adrian Peterson is the last non-QB to win the MVP (2012).

A QB or RB has won the NFL MVP award every year since 1987 when John Elway won.

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NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award Betting

Example: Justin Jefferson (+1000) to Win the NFL OPOY Award

Several organizations crown an NFL offensive player of the year, but we’re only concerned about the AP winner. This is a tough market to predict, as QBs often take a back seat in recent years. The last four NFL OPOY awards have been won by WRs or RBs that have had explosive regular seasons.

NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award Betting

Example: Micah Parsons (+650) to Win the NFL DPOY Award

You can also bet on the NFL DPOY award that is awarded by AP. You’re going to want to target guys who accumulate lots of sacks. Since 2015, four of the last eight winners have led the NFL in sacks. You should also target the defensive line. A defensive end or tackle has won the award 7/9 times since 2014.

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NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award Betting

Example: Bryce Young (+500) to Win the NFL OROY Award

When it comes to betting on the NFL OROY award, you want to target a player that has a secure starting role. You also want to avoid TEs, as they’ve never won the award previously.

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award Betting

Example: Will Anderson (+300) to Win the NFL DROY Award

More often than not, the winner of the NFL DROY award will be a player getting sacks. You can’t count out CBs either, as they’ve started winning this award as well.

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NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award Betting

Example: Tua Tagovailoa (+2000) to Win the NFL CPOY Award

QB has been the best position to target for the NFL CPOY award. Since 2008, QBs have won the award 11/15 times. Targeting players coming off an injury where they missed the season prior is a good idea.

NFL Coach of the Year Award Betting

Example: Sean Payton (+900) to Win NFL COY Award

Lastly, you can also bet on the NFL COY award every season. Don’t pick a coach projected to have a losing record. The last coach to win COY with a losing record was Jimmy Johnson in 1990.