How and Where To Find the Smart Money When Betting Sports

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If you go to any informed sports wagering website that has articles pertaining to - Betting Against The Public - or - How Not To Be a Square Bettor, you will have methods at your fingertips how to improve your talent and make more money betting.

This is one of those kinds of pieces and we will make it as simple as possible for you.

Finding where the smart money is understanding where the public's money is also. Here is what we mean.

Sportsbooks Can Essentially Tell You Where the Action Is

There are a number of sportsbooks or sites connected to wagering outlets that supply a percentage of bets on any particular game on the board. Yet, what bettors should really want to know is the percentage of money, not bets, because that is a more accurate assessment of what is really happening in any contest.

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If 75 percent of the bets are on a favorite, but the money is mostly split down the middle, that is a "tell" for those seeking to know where the sharp or wiser money is.

However, sportsbooks don't want bettors of any kind to know that information because they are in the business of making money, not helping bettors.

Instead, what those betting sports should follow is the line movement (or the lack of it at times) compared to bets placed.

If a contest in any sport has at least average appeal as a matchup, look for games where 75 or more percent are on one team for bets placed. Next, see where the line on the game started and where it is presently. If the line movement follows the number of bets, that would be thought of as public betting. If the line has remained unchanged despite the one-sided betting action, that suggests there is enough sharp money to offset the public perception. And if the line goes opposite of the flow of bets, that would be considered 'reverse line movement' with sharp bettors money and perceived perception dictating where the line should be.

None of these are absolutes and the best way to understand this is by checking the numbers on a daily basis and seeing what kind of results are found. This can hone your betting skills and teach you insights you might be lacking.

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Earlier, we mentioned a certain type of games to follow, basically those of consequence to people's interests. Why contests of lesser interest cannot be viewed by betting percentages is because the volume could be 25 percent of an even a run of the mill conflict, which would inflate the value of the percentage.

Instead, seek these types of matchups that are close to split action, but have a side or total that has moved three, four or more points from starting point. This could be a telltale sign of smart money attacking a weak number on an inconsequential contest.

Don't Fall Hook Line and Sinker on Potential Smart Money

One mistake bettors that believe that they have to bet against the public make is the "public is always wrong". Word from the wise, that is not true, just like some think wise guys win 80 percent of the time. That is completely false.

The sharpest of professional bettors are not interested in win percentages, they care about making money. That is why they look to exploit numbers and not necessarily teams.

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If a football game opened at '3' and the line moved to -2.5 and sharp bettors saw the value in that number, they pounded it. The betting action could be 50-50, but the line has moved to -4. From a sharp betting perspective, this is no longer a good wager even if it is smart action because the value of -2.5 is gone and they would never take a -4 at that point. That is not to say this wager will not be correct, just the energy of the bet is diminished.

Add this skill to your wagering toolbox and watch the money grow.