How to Become a Bookie in College

Most high school students go on to attend college. With college costs growing every year, the burden of the expense is tremendous. For most to attend an institution of higher learning, they must borrow the money.

Student loan debt has reached an enormous $1.6 trillion in the U.S. What if you could pay for college another way?

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There is a way, a very unique way that a college student can start his or her own business and fund their entire college education – open up and manage an online sportsbook.

Opening a Sportsbook

Becoming a bookie is not all the complicated. It helps if you’re a sports fan, but you don’t even need to be. If you know people that are willing to wager on sports with you, have some money to back the bets that you take, and have a WiFi connection; you can be up and running in your sportsbook in no time.

Ace Per Head is one of the best pay per head providers in the industry. The company helps make it possible for people like you – college students – to become bookies and run their own business. Pay per head companies have popped up all over the place, it seems, over the past decade or so.

Pay per head, or PPH, are companies that provide a turnkey solution to independent bookie agents in return for a price per head, or player. If you have five active bettors in a given week and the price per head was $10, your fee to your provider would be $50.

How It Works

Instead of putting out thousands of dollars for a website, a payment processor, a customer service team and more; you will pay a small percentage of your profits each week in return for all of those services.

Ace Per Head, for example, can set you up with a professional bookie website that is safe and secure for you and your players. Ace can collect deposits and payments as well as pay out to your players. You even have a team of customer service professionals that can take calls, emails, and texts to answer any questions and take care of any issues your players might have.

Essentially, you oversee the operation and work on growing your player sheet while Ace Per Head takes care of all the administrative work. You have complete control over everything from the design of your website to what sports, games, and proposition bets you want to offer to your players.

The beauty of it all is that you can be attending classes all day while your sportsbook is working for you.

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Manage Risk

There is risk involved in sports gambling and with running your own sportsbook. As mentioned, you always want to have cash on hand to pay out for your players’ winnings. When you can’t pay, you’ll have irate players and you’ll lose credibility and your business.

One thing to consider when starting your online sportsbook business with Ace Per Head is how you can manage risk. You are able to set betting limits so you don’t take any outrageous bets that would wreck your operation. Over time, you’ll learn how to hedge losses and how to lay off extremely risky bets.

If you have some business sense, opening a sportsbook can be a great way to fund your college education. Partnering with Ace Per Head can make it happen.