How To Bet | Golf: The How’s and Why’s

How To Bet | Golf: The How’s and Why’s

“There's no sense in going to a tournament if you don't believe that you can win it. And that is the belief I have always had. And that is not going to change”.

Tiger Woods

Golf is one of those games that if you have ever played it, you know how frustrating it can be. You also know what a great game it is on both a competitive and friendly level. Golf is a game that will make you feel like the world has been conquered, and the next hole will make you believe the world has collapsed! Although it can be an extremely fun and relaxing game, it can also be one of the worst games for your personal self-confidence and it has a way of making even the most optimistic player believe that he has no game left whatsoever!

With personalities like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, golf has found a way to market its product and they have done an outstanding job. Golf is not only one of the most watched sports on TV today, it’s one of the most bet on. Bettors everywhere are spending a mountain of money betting this sport and it’s not because of the game itself. It’s because of the personalities, such as Tiger, Phil, Cabrera, Couples and more.  There are a plethora of great golfers today and what they bring to the table is experience, viability, and in many cases; championships.

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One thing can be said for the major tournaments, the players playing in these tournaments all believe that they have a real chance to win. They will give 100 percent and as a bettor, you can rest assured you will get the best of the golfer in which you bet.

Golf is a slow game, it is a methodical game and strategy is part of winning or losing for both the player and the bettor. The beauty of a golf tournament is the ability to bet on many players in the same tournament or when one player is not performing up to standards; bet on someone different.

Before you jump into the fray and start betting this grand game you should keep a couple of things in mind.

Find a great online sportsbook; find one that will cater to your individual gaming needs.

  • Look for a sportsbook that comes loaded with great customer reviews and one that has a reputation for honesty and transparency.
  • Have more than one online sportsbook. You should have two or three in your portfolio.

Set a Gaming Budget

Setting a budget is the most important thing that any successful gambler can do. There is one rule of thumb to live by in gambling on sports. “Without a budget, you are dead in the water and you may as well give your money away before you begin.” No matter what the circumstances may be, set a gaming budget and stick to it. Disciplined sports gamblers win money.

Ways to Bet Golf:

Straight Up Picking a Tournament Winner:

Betting straight up is the most popular way of betting in golf but it can be one of the most difficult ways as well. The payouts are great if you do win but the golfer you bet on must win the tournament. The oddsmakers set a predetermined odds line and you simply choose who you like


Jordan Spieth 10/1

Tiger Woods 10/1

Dustin Johnson 12/1

Rory McIlroy 12/1

Bubba Watson 15/1

Jason Day 20/1

Ian Poulter 60/1

We base the above example on $100 wagered. 10/1 will pay $1,000, 12/1 $1,200, 15/1 $1,500, 20/1 $2,000, 60/1 $6,000 and on down the line. This type of wager is very clear cut and most online bookies have a set limit as to how much can be wagered.

Betting Matchups:

A golf matchup bet will pit two players heads up against each other, and your job is to bet which one you think will finish higher than the other. In this bet, the player does not have to actually win the event, but simply needs to win out over the other. This is one of the most popular types of golf bets and is the way that most people recommend betting golf. The odds on golf matchup bets won’t be nearly as high as picking an outright winner, but it is a much easier bet to pick. Here is an example of what a matchup bet may look like in golf:

Phil Mickelson: +120

Tiger Woods -160

This bet is as simple as it looks. The oddsmakers have set money line odds just as in baseball. One will be favored and one will usually be the underdog. In the above example, $100 will win you $120 on Mickelson and $160 will win you $100 on Woods.

Golf Prop Betting:

Betting props in golf is certainly not as popular as with other sports, however, it is usually offered and it can be a fun way to make some extra cash while following your favorite player. Most books offer golf-prop-betting-options which relate to whether or not a hole in one will happen, how many pars any given player might make or how many majors a player will win in the upcoming year.


Phil Mickelson’s Major Wins in 2018:

No Majors: -200

1 Major: +220

2 Majors: +800

3 Majors: +3800

4 Majors: +8000

Will A Player Score a Hole in One at the 2018 Masters?

Yes: +110

No: -150

Will Tiger Woods Wear a grey Shirt in Round 3 of the Masters?

Yes: -240

No: +200

The odds on prop bets vary depending on the type of bet that it is, but some of the betting options will give you a very good return on your bet.

We have given you a few of the more popular ways of betting on golf. Golf is a grand game to watch and a fun game to bet on. Stay tuned for more betting and odds updates as the 2018 season continues.