How to Bet on Survivor

Survivor is one of the most popular reality shows on television, with millions of people tuning in to watch every episode. Accordingly, Survivor is also one of the most popular options when it comes to entertainment betting.

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The American series of Survivor premiered all the way back in 2000 and there are now more than 40 seasons to look back on. Like the show itself, Survivor betting invariably serves up lots of excitement, giving you the chance to win big.

If you want to learn how to bet on Survivor, you have come to the right place. This guide covers all the best Survivor betting markets and explains how each one works. On top of that, you can take advantage of some Survivor betting tips at the end.

Popular Survivor Betting Markets

Let’s kick things off by going over the most popular markets for betting on Survivor. Of course, you can wager on the winner of the show, but there is far more to Survivor betting than simply predicting which contestant will win.

Betting on the Winner

The most popular Survivor betting options concerns wagering on the overall winner. Not only can you bet on the winner of Survivor before the season gets underway, but you can also access outright odds throughout the season.

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Betting on When Contestants Will Be Voted Out

This Survivor betting market enables you to predict when contestants will be eliminated. For example, you could back Contestant A to be voted out in episode 2, or you might bet on Contestant B to make it to episode 10.

Betting on Survivor Props

Will a hidden idol be played in the next episode? Will Contestant C cry on camera during the next episode? Will a contestant be forced to withdraw due to injury? These are some examples of Survivor prop bets that you might come across.

Tips for Betting on Survivor

This Survivor betting guide would not be complete without some useful betting tips. Below, we share a handful of hints and pointers to set you up for making winning Survivor bets.

Figure Out Contestants’ Personalities and Characters

Contestants with charisma and strong strategists tend to go deep into the season, while stubborn and argumentative contestants don’t last as long. With that in mind, it pays to watch every episode and judge each contestant before you bet.

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Don’t Disregard Underdogs

Of course, contestants with strong characters are bound to catch the eye, but you shouldn’t ignore calmer and quieter contestants. Underdogs often slip under the radar while going deep into the season, as they rarely cause any drama.

Study Past Seasons and Evaluate Previous Winners

With more than 40 seasons to analyze, there is no shortage of Survivor content to look back on. Studying past seasons and looking at previous winners can give you a good indication of which contestants to bet on in future seasons.

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