How to Bet Totals

How to Bet Totals

Gambling on sports is fun, it’s exciting and it can be a moneymaking hobby. At the same time, it can cost you a lot of money, just as with any hobby, sports gambling costs’ money. You set a budget, you have a plan and you tackle it head-on. The best plan of attack is to know the teams that you are wagering on, and know why you feel they have an advantage or disadvantage. You must do your homework, you must do some handicapping and research or you are doomed before you ever begin. Many players grow weary of wading through the vast amounts of wagering options available with the online bookmakers. Absolutely, it’s great to have options, but it can also be confusing and confusion leads to frustration. There are times when simple is better. Take a look at betting totals and decide for yourself. 

Betting totals is probably the easiest sports bet to understand. There are a few ways to bet this wager on the four major sports. Soccer happens to be an exception to the rule, we will not get into betting soccer totals here but be sure to check out a great “how to bet soccer” section of your favorite online bookie. 

What is total betting or better known as the over/under?

When you bet a total on a sport whether it’s baseball, football, basketball or hockey, you are betting that the total combined score of both teams, for the entire game, will either go over the set total or under the set total. The oddsmakers, whether in Las Vegas or offshore, they set the daily totals on each game they offer. They do not always offer every game. A great example of this is NCAA Men’s College Basketball. There are simply too many great teams playing bad teams. The oddsmakers do not have time to do their research for all of these games on a nightly basis. However, they do set totals on many college basketball games nightly and many of them fall through the cracks, this can be a great way to beat the bookie.

There are a handful of ways to bet on totals such as the entire game, the first half, the second half, live totals, dynamic live totals, team totals and baseball offers 1st five-inning totals and second half totals. There are a few bookmakers that offer period totals in hockey, most of them offer the first period only, however, there are a few great ones that offer totals on all three periods and in hockey, it is well worth your time to bet on all three periods, especially the third. 

The most common ways of betting totals in the NBA, NFL, NCAA Football/Basketball and MLB, are for the entire game and the first and second halves. In basketball and football, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when betting the totals. If you choose to bet the entire game and stand by your bet without betting the second half, then it is what it is and you live with it and hopefully, you get the win. 

Betting entire game - Example for football/basketball:

Rockets vs. Warriors

Total-Over/Under 221.5 -110

221.5 is the total set by the bookmaker of your choice, it’s always a great idea to shop around for the best number on the board or have more than one online bookie. In this bet, you must decide if you think the game will go over 221.5 or under 221.5. If you bet this game to go over then the game must go to a combined total of at least 222 points or you have lost. If you bet the game to go under, then the game cannot go over 221 or you have lost. Usually, the line is set at -110 or very close to -110. This means that you must bet $1.10 in order to win $1.00 or for every $110 that you bet, you will win $100 plus your wager amount back.

Betting totals is a fun way to have action in a game without any rooting interest in either team. You are simply rooting for the total to go over or under, you want action or you want no action! The oddsmakers are not always easy to beat so be sure and do your homework before laying down the hard-earned green. 

Take any given night in sports, we will use the NBA as an example. Let’s say the Atlanta Hawks are playing the Brooklyn Nets. This is a game that you may have absolutely zero interest in but the number looks good because you follow basketball totals and you know both of these teams commonly score a ton of points. Try betting on that game and you will realize how great it is to bet on totals! All of a sudden a what would have been an otherwise boring game, became a must watch thriller. Be sure to check out more betting tips on the website of your favorite sportsbook.