How to Play Super 6 Soccer Prediction Game

If you’re familiar with the English Premier League (EPL), the chances are that you know about Super 6. Presented by Sky Sports in the UK, Super 6 is a popular prediction game with big cash prizes.

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Thousands of soccer fans play Super 6 every week, but many don’t know how to make the most of the game. Below, we explain the rules of the Premier League prediction game and share our top Super 6 tips.

What Is Super 6?

Sky’s Super 6 is a free-to-play prediction game that challenges you to correctly predict the scores of six pre-selected fixtures, typically from the Premier League.

There is a guaranteed jackpot of £250,000 up for grabs every week. However, if nobody makes six correct predictions, £5,000 is awarded to the player with the most points that round.

Players get two points for a correct result and five points for a correct scoreline. For example, if you back Manchester City to win 2-0, but they end up winning 3-0, you will only get two points.

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There is also a Golden Goal tiebreaker that is used to determine the winner if two or more competitors score the same number of points. All you need to do is select which minute you think the first goal of the round will be scored.

Best of all, Super 6 is completely free to play. Simply sign up with Sky Bet to be eligible for a Super 6 account and you could win a whopping £250,000 if you guess six correct scorelines.

Tips for Playing Super 6

It’s now time to go over some useful Super 6 tips. Of course, predicting six correct scorelines is no easy task – that’s why there is a £250,000 jackpot! Still, you can follow a few steps to enhance your chances of winning.

Study the Teams, Form Guide and Statistics

In this day and age, there is an endless number of soccer statistics available, especially when it comes to high-profile leagues such as the Premier League. Therefore, you should use these states to aid your Super 6 predictions.

With countless stats relating to form, goals and many other aspects of the game, it only makes sense to study the numbers before you make your Super 6 picks.

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Don’t Let Other Predictions Sway Your Decision

Super 6 players are able to see what other players are predicting and which predictions are more popular than others. If you click ‘Stats’, you can see which percentage of players have picked each scoreline.

We recommend ignoring these percentages and going with your gut. Do your research and make your predictions accordingly. Don’t be swayed by what the majority might think.

Accept That Luck Plays a Big Role

Even if you think that you know everything there is to know about the Premier League, it is important to remember that the chances of you winning the Super 6 jackpot are very slim.

You can do all the research in the world, but one unexpected goal can ruin all of your predictions. Enjoy the game, of course, but remember that a huge amount of luck is required to win.