Learn to Bet: Guide to Betting on NHL Player Props

Learn to Bet: Guide to Betting on NHL Player Props

The 2021 NHL season will soon be underway giving bettors more opportunity for success. NHL games are exciting to watch and while bettors can bet on the moneyline, puck line, and game totals; they can also pad their bankrolls with player proposition bets.

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What Is an NHL Proposition Bet?

A prop bet is a wager on a specific action occurring during an NHL game regardless of the outcome of the game. A player prop bet is one on a specific action by a player in a game.

There are numerous NHL player props including the first goal-scorer in a game, last goal-scorer, or simply if a player will score a goal or not. Bettors can also bet on the Over/Under on goals, shots on goal, points and more for an individual player.

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Examples of NHL Player Prop Bets

One of the more popular NHL player prop bets involve the number of goals a certain player will score in a game. A prop bet in this category for Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin may appear like this:

Alexander Ovechkin OVER 1.5 goals (-110)

Alexander Ovechkin UNDER 1.5 goals (-110)

You will notice the odds are even on both sides of the bet. Oddsmakers are very good at determining the odds on these types of bets and believe, in this case, the outcome is equally likely to be Over or Under 1.5 goals.

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Finding Value in NHL Player Props

Most NHL player props are related to scoring. Because of this, it’s generally easy to find value in NHL player props by watching for streaks. During the long NHL season – which has been shortened this season to 56 games – players will undoubtedly have some hot streaks and some scoring droughts.

The best NHL player prop betting opportunities are those for a player to score a goal in a game or to go Over/Under his given point total. When players get hot, they tend to score – either an assist, a goal, or both – in consecutive games. Following these trends can help bettors find value in NHL player props.

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NHL Player Props Betting Strategy

Bettors looking to score on NHL player prop bets should understand that there is a strong correlation between daily fantasy hockey and player props. When putting together a fantasy NHL lineup, you are looking for players and favorable matchups.

It’s the same for NHL player props. If Alexander Ovechkin has a history of scoring at least one goal and recording three or more points against a certain team, that information is valuable in making a prop bet.

Alexander Ovechkin OVER 3.5 points (-110)

Alexander Ovechkin UNDER 3.5 points (-110)

Placing a wager on the above bet also allows you to make money without having to compete with the millions of others who play fantasy hockey. It’s easier to win on individual NHL player prop bets than it is on an entire NHL fantasy team.

When betting NHL player props, the best thing bettors can do is simply keep up with the latest NHL news. The more knowledge one has the better.