Live Betting Is the Newest Trend at Online Sportsbooks

You may be saying to yourself, haven’t I been live betting (in-play) for years already? While true, live betting is more popular than ever and it’s one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.

What Is Live Betting?

Any bet placed after an event has started is a live bet or in-play bet.

If you don’t place the bet pre-match, you’re betting live. Online sportsbooks have different rules for live betting, however, and therefore it’s important to research the best live betting sites.

Best Live Betting Sportsbook

While a number of online sportsbooks have competitive live betting platforms, we’re in love with the HRWager live betting platform. There are numerous reasons why HRWager is among the leaders.

#1 – Bet Live Anytime During an Event

Some online sportsbooks still only allow live bets during breaks in the game. For instance, you can bet on an NFL game during a commercial break, but not while the game is actually being played.

This isn’t ideal, as you need to wait for a break and could therefore miss the odds you wanted.

At HRWager Sportsbook, if the game is eligible for in-play wagering then you can place a bet anytime. The odds are updated in real-time though, so make sure you jump on the bet you want quickly.

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#2 – Live Betting Market Coverage

All sportsbooks with live betting allow you to bet on the match results (Example: point spreads, moneylines and game totals). HRWager offers a much more inclusive live betting board.

Here are just some of the markets you can bet in-play at HRWager:

- Game Lines, Half Lines, Quarter Lines and Period Lines

- Alternative Point Spreads and Alternative Totals

- Race to X Points and Winning Margin

- Next Score (Touchdown, Field Goal and Goals)

The large number of live betting markets at HRWager is awesome, but you need to be careful.

We’ve seen a lot of sports bettors lose a lot of money betting live.

The best in-play markets to bet on are ones that are strongly correlated. For instance, in the NBA, the data suggests that teams that win the first quarter win the game a high percentage of the time.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage. If you’re betting on the Lakers to win the game, one way to get more action on a game, while lowing your variance is to also bet on the 1st quarter line.

#3 – Watch the Game Live

At HRWager, when you bet in-play, you unlock access to live streaming.

If you place a live bet on a game, you can access a live stream for the game directly on HRWager. This is a feature that’s relatively unique in the US market. The big UK/Euro bookmakers have offered live streaming for many years, but most US bookies don’t offer any sports streaming capabilities.

Join HRWager Today

The NFL will be here soon and other major sports in the US are scheduled to resume this month.

A lot of us have seen betting volumes drop drastically because of COVID-19. Once we have sports back on, a lot of us will want to make up for lost time by increasing our volume.

Live betting is a great way to make correlated bets and increase your volume.