Maximizing the Value of Our NFL Betting Data

Who can’t wait for the start of the NFL season? I know we can’t.

We’re still over a few months away from the start of the 2020-21 NFL season, but it’s never too early to start preparing. Today, we’re going to explain our expansive NFL betting features.

If you’re a regular here at, you’ve likely already read through our recent tutorials detailing how to use our NBA, MLB and NHL betting data to beat the bookies.

Expert NFL Predictions, Odds Comparison and Much More

We strive to be a one-stop source for everything related to betting on the NFL. We don’t just publish our picks and provide real-time betting odds; we go much further than competing NFL betting communities.

Here’s the NFL betting data we make accessible for free to our valued readers:

#1 – Live National Football League odds (point spread, money line and totals) updated in real-time from multiple bookies.

#2 – We analyze the odds across the industry and only display the best odds for every market.

#3 – Place bets with trusted NFL online sportsbooks through us using our streamlined procedures.

#4 – Read NFL previews for every game, along with free predictions from our experts.

#5 – Study line movement on every game using our NFL opening lines and line movement data.

#6 – Find out if you beat the closing line (we list the best closing line for each market in our recaps).

#7 – Access our industry-leading GameCenter to access all of the NFL data/stats you can handle.

We provide a wealth of information to NFL handicappers year-round here at SAS.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important features and why you should be using them.

NFL Odds Comparison – Live Betting Lines

We know you want to take sports betting seriously, you’re here after all, right?

Well, the first step to becoming an NFL handicapper is to understand how the market works. Not all bookmakers will have the exact same point spread, totals or odds.

Shopping NFL lines is time-consuming, but necessary. NFL lines are sharper than any other sport in the world and even professional handicappers struggle to breakeven every year.

To have a chance at making it through the season with a profit, you need to ensure you’re betting the best lines only. How? You need to utilize our NFL odds comparison data.

We do all of the hard work behind the scenes for you guys/gals. When you’re on our NFL predictions page, we’ll only display the best odds/line available in real-time. Simply click on the market you want to bet on and you’ll be transported to the betting site to place your bet before the line changes.

Free NFL Picks

We curate our experts’ NFL predictions every week and provide them all free to our readers.

We typically have multiple predictions for every game throughout the season, along with analysis on why they’re making the wager that’s backed up by NFL data, statistics and betting trends.

Want even more free NFL predictions? Visit (our sister website), which is a revolutionary betting advice system that has been tested and proven to be long term profitable.

NFL Standings

We track hundreds of NFL statistics and betting trends here at SAS. However, we also cover all of the basics as well, so you don’t need to go anywhere else for any information.

For instance, we publish full NFL schedules and NFL standings (updated daily).

Some of the data tracked on our NFL standings, include home/away splits, recent form (last 10 games) and offensive/defensive stats, such as how many points a team scores/allows.