NBA Best Bets for Monday, December 6th 2021

NBA Best Bets for Monday, December 6th 2021

It’s Monday night, and that means it’s time for a great lineup of NBA action. There are more than a few great games to bet on tonight and what's even better, both the Warriors and Suns are playing, and both are hosting home games.

The two best teams are playing and some of the worst teams are playing – the Magic, and the Spurs. There is plenty of opportunities to win money tonight, so be sure to call your bookie and get your bets in. Check out tonight’s game props and even some alternate lines.

Best NBA Point Spread Pick for December 6th

Nuggets vs. Bulls Predictions

We love the Bulls against the Nuggets tonight, in Chicago. A couple of weeks ago we talked about the transformation of this Bulls team and how they have truly, moved on. They have not only moved on from being the greatest team that ever played (72-10, and a chip), but they have also moved on from several recent eras that were for the most part, mediocre. Rose is gone, Noah is gone… this is a new Chicago Bulls that come into tonight’s game with a 16-8 record, and having won four of their last five.

Throughout the last four wins, the team has averaged 121.5 points per game and held their opponents to 107.3 per game. The one hiccup in the mix… the Heat. On the 27th, they lost at home, 104-107. Going into this season we liked the Nuggets chances in the west and we still like them but come on, this team is the “same old Nuggets”. Jokic is a star but he’s not enough. He’s not enough long-term, and he won’t be enough tonight. The Bulls defense will play well and beat the Nuggets tonight.

Best Bet: Bulls -4 (-110)

Best NBA Money Line Pick for December 6th

Clippers vs. Trail Blazers Predictions

Without Lillard, the Blazers are not a good basketball team, he makes their world go round with his 21 ppg. The Blazers were a great prospect a couple of years ago and it looked as if times had changed for this franchise. We no longer see it that way they have taken a step back. They will never win a thing with this current lineup, and Lillard should do himself a favor and leave! If the Nuggets were halfway intelligent, they would do everything they could to get him.

The Jazz are the up and comers of the Western Conference. The Clippers are the same old Clippers! They will not impress and they are another team that’s going nowhere. Oh, yea, we know… every year the talk is the same, well you know what – talk is cheap. Go out and p[prove us all wrong then we will believe. Paul George is a great player with 25.1 ppg, but it’s not enough. Leonard is out and it seems like players, in general, are not as tough as they used to be. Sorry to go “old school” but hey, it’s the truth. The Clippers win this one but in Portland, it could be a close finish.

Best Bet: Clippers Money Line (-150)

Best NBA Over/Under Pick for December 6th

76ers vs. Hornets Predictions

The 76ers meet up with the Hornets tonight and we have to love the posted over. The Hornets have lost three of their last five games, but don’t let that fool you… in those three losses, they scored 129 points per game and allowed an eye-popping 135 per game. The defense has left the building in Charlotte! The 76ers looked awful to start the season and we're riddled with injuries. This is another franchise that is simply the same ole, same ole… they will never change.

If they had not lost a tough one in OT to Minnesota, they would have won three of the last five, instead, they have lost three of the last five, including a one-point loss in Boston. The 76ers will give Charlotte a run but to do so, they will need to do exactly that – run! This game will be a barn- burning score fest from out of the gate and you can count on no defense. Who knows who wins, and honestly, who cares, focus on the total and lay the over?

Best Bet: 76ers/Hornets Over 217 (-110)

Best NBA Parlay Bet for December 6th

Spurs vs. Suns Predictions / Wizards vs. Pacers Predictions

This is an easy choice for us. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to bet on the two best teams in the NBA. The Suns are playing the Spurs and laying -8, while the Warriors are playing the magic, and laying -16. The Suns come in with a 19-4 record and lead the Western Conference. They had not lost since Wednesday, October 7th, until their loss against the Warriors three nights ago, they had won 18 in a row.

The Suns get a lot of respect from Vegas, too much, - 8 tonight is what it should be, it’s a moderate number at home against a team they have beaten this year in San Antonio, but failed to cover. We like -8, we would not like -15, or some other crazy number. This game is different than the Warriors/Magic. We would lay -20 on the Warriors. The Magic lost to Houston! They are a bad basketball team, if not the worst team in the NBA. They will get the brakes beat off of them tonight.

Parlay Best Bet: Suns -8 / Warriors -16

Best NBA Prop Pick for December 6th

Thunder vs. Pistons Predictions

The Thunder are horrible, and we think they get beat in every which way by the Pistons. We have to love the Pistons to have the highest-scoring quarter and we think they will win every quarter.

Best Bet: Pistons Highest Scoring Quarter -135

Betting the NBA is all about fun, and this is all about winning a little extra cash on a Monday night. There is never a shortage of betting options in the NBA and we have given you a few of them. Look for by dialing up a fantastic offshore bookie. Make sure you find one that offers the sharpest lines and odds, along with a great wagering menu and easy payout options. The offshore guys never charge a commission, and always offer a fair bonus that pays real money.