NBA Best Bets for Monday, January 24th 2022

NBA Best Bets for Monday, January 24th 2022

The NBA carries a lot of drama, we mean, off-the-court drama. This sport is fun to follow and the antics from the players are a hoot. You don’t have to be the gambling type to enjoy the NBA, but you must enjoy the fast-paced action of the NBA and the storylines that go with.

This past week was no exception to the rule as veteran guard, James Harden lashed out at the referees and the consistency of the foul calls. It’s laughable that Harden of all people would be calling the refs out. When this very talented man played for the Rockets, he got the benefit of 99% of every foul call! We may be exaggerating just a bit here, but you get the picture.

The Nets (Harden's new team), they are playing well, however, they find themselves a half-game back in the Eastern conference behind Miami. Who would have thunk it! The Brooklyn Nets trade for everyone and build a “super team” and here they are on the 24th of January 24, 2022, a half-game behind the Heat. Who is the “superstar” playing for the Heat? LeBron James? Ha, that may have well as been a decade ago.

The point is this… The NBA is a great sport to bet on because there is parity in this league and that shortens the betting lines. There are 15 teams in the Eastern Conference and the top 10 teams go like this – Heat, Nets, Bulls, Bucks, Cavaliers, 76ers, Hornets, Celtics, Raptors, Wizards.

Out of these 10 teams mentioned, the top 9 have a winning or .500 record, the difference between the Heat and the 76ers (6th on the list), is just 2.5 games. Do you see the parity? This makes for a clear betting advantage.

The same cannot be said for the Western Conference. In the west, there are 4 dominating teams… the Suns, the Warriors, the Grizzlies, and the Jazz. The Mavericks and the Nuggets are hanging around with winning records but certainly not dominating. The lines are drawn in the west, and this also makes for sharp betting lines and a clear-cut advantage to you, the NBA bettor.

Best NBA Point Spread Pick for January 24th

Bulls vs. Thunder Predictions

The Bulls travel to Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder, (another Harden ex), we bring this up to say the Thunder are a shell of the franchise they once were. This team had tons of potential, and a lot of promise when they packed their bags and headed south from the friendly confines of the Key Arena, in Seattle. They find themselves embroiled in another bad season, a really bad season – with a record of 14-32, 8-14 at home. They come into this one having lost 4 consecutive games and 6 of the last 7.

The Bulls have been hit with injuries or the COVID protocol and they find themselves shorthanded in this affair with 4 players out, including Ball, Caruso, Green, and LaVine. The Thunder are as close to full strength as they have been all season, Favors is out for tonight’s game. DeRozan is the man for the Bulls right now, and after his 41-point performance, in a losing effort against Orlando, the loss marked two consecutive losses on the road and 4 of the last 5 games – all 4 losses coming on the road, with the one win over the last 5 games, coming on the 19th, in Chicago, Vs. Cleveland, 117-104.

The Bulls have hit the skids and they are certainly not playing like they were early in the first half of this season. We don’t see them losing 3 consecutive games, and we think they will be motivated to pick up a victory over a bad OKC Thunder.

Best Bet: Bulls -1.5

Best NBA Money Line Pick for January 24th

Pacers vs. Pelicans Predictions

The Pacers travel south to take on the Pelicans and they are looking for their third road win in a 5-game swing. Although they have lost three of the last five games, they did go to San Francisco and beat the Warriors 121-117 in OT, and they beat the Lakers two nights before, 111-104. It doesn’t matter how bad the Lakers are, it’s not easy to go to LA and pick up a win, it’s especially not easy to go to LA, then on to the Warriors and pick up back-to-back wins. The three losses over the last five games have come by way of the Phoenix Suns (twice), once at home back on the 14, 94-112, and then two nights ago on the 22nd, 103-113.

The Sun have their number, as they do almost every other team. The Pelicans come in having won three of the last five games as well as riding a three-game home winning streak that includes a win over the Warriors. The Pacers have had their decent moments this past couple of weeks, but we think the Pelicans have also picked their spots, and overall, the Pacers are not very good. Look, neither are the Pelicans, and this one is a battle of the stinkers. Both teams have found motivation against far superior teams, we think they play to their level of competition tonight and the home team picks up a last- second victory in a close one.

Best Bet: Pelicans Money Line -145

Best NBA Over/Under Pick for January 24th

Jazz vs. Suns Predictions

The Utah Jazz travel to Phoenix to take on the most consistent team in the NBA, the best team in the NBA. The Jazz are playing well themselves, with a 30-17 overall record, and 15-8 on the road. The Suns have won 6 consecutive games and 10 of the last 12, with an overall record of 36-9. We think this game tonight could be slightly better than -9, however, the Suns are 25-19 against the spread and the Jazz are 20-25. As much as we like the Jazz to hang around, possibly they don’t, and we are unwilling to take +8. So, what do we do? We love the total. Here is why…

The Jazz have lost 3 of the last 5 games and over that 5-game stretch, they are scoring 106.8 points per game. They are holding their opponents to 102.8 points per game, for a win/loss differential of 4-points per game. The Suns have won the last 5 and beyond, however, let’s look at just the last 5. The Suns are scoring 118 points per game and allowing 102.6 per game for a differential of 15.4.

The spread in this game is Suns -9, we think the Jazz keep it slightly closer and cover the +9. The Jazz are scoring 106.8 ppg and allowing 102.8 ppg. The Suns are scoring 118 ppg, let’s meet this in the middle – the Jazz score 108 points tonight, and the Suns score 116 for a total of 224.

Best Bet: Jazz/Suns Over 222 Points

Best NBA Parlay Bet for January 24th

Knicks vs. Cavaliers Predictions

The Knicks head west, but not that far west as they make a pitstop in Cleveland to take on the Cavs. The Knicks are having another disappointing season and come into tonight’s game with an overall record of 23-24, and 11-10 on the road. They are also facing a growing injury list that’s adding to the misery. As inconsistent as they have been, we like the Cavs at -6.

The Cavs are having a decent season with an overall record of 28-19, and 13-9 at home. The Cavs have won 4 of the last 5 games which includes a 114-107 win against the Nets. We also like the over in this one at 202. The Cavs are allowing 104.4 ppg (last 5) and scoring 106.5 per game. The Knicks are scoring 103 ppg and allowing 104.2 per game. We will give the Cavs their 106 points and the Knicks 97.

Parlay Bet: Cavaliers -6 and Knicks/Cavs Over 202

No matter how you slice it, how you break it down, or how anybody dissects these games, we know one thing – the NBA is fun to bet on and the fun continues tonight. Do you have a solid offshore bookmaker? If not, then do yourself a huge favor and find one that is stacked with a great reputation for fast and honest payouts, along with great customer service that features an 800 number that can be called 24/7.

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