NBA Predictions for Monday, January 10th 2022

NBA Predictions for Monday, January 10th 2022

The NBA finds the halfway point this week. Now is the time to dig in and know the trends of every team and what they are capable of. Just over half of the teams in the NBA are worthy of trying to bet on any given night, the other half are teams that you want to bet against. There are a few that flounder somewhere in the middle and more often than not, they are simply not worth risking your money on.

No longer a rising star, the Chicago Bulls are a team to watch every single game they play. There is always a reason for interest with this team and beyond the gambling value, they bring, but also the post- season possibilities and how far they can go. Brooklyn is a worthy betting look, as well as Milwaukee, Philly, and Cleveland. We love looking at Charlotte, Chicago, and Washington for consistent totals in the east. Detroit and Orlando have become the teams to consistently bet against, while Indiana, the Knicks, and Atlanta are caught in the middle.

The west is wide open, but totally with the door slammed shut! What we mean is this – there are teams such as Golden State and Phoenix that will not be overtaken. They are the best in the conference with 30- 9 records. What you must watch for in the west is overconfidence. Vegas dishes it out and often, you can find value with the Suns and Warriors opponents. Utah is a great bet at home and on the road. Beyond these three, we are either scrambling to find a great underdog or a total worthy of betting either way. This conference is competitive across the board.

Best NBA Point Spread Pick for January 10th

Pacers vs. Celtics Picks

The Indiana Pacers hit the road for what used to be, one of their biggest rivals, especially during the Paul Pierce era. Those days seem like ancient history like the now, Indiana Pacers are struggling to find an identity. They are also struggling to find players that can contribute in a way for the betterment of the team and not simply the individual. This team showed some early promise and had a few nice moments, but wow, have times changed in Nap… When we analyze a game, we look at the past five games only, in all honesty, one can make an argument that the last three games are more relevant than the last five, however, we like to look at the last five, we think trends are set in that period.

The Pacers have lost 4 of the last 5 games but looked amazing at home two nights ago against Utah, in a 125-113 drilling. The problem for us with the Pacers tonight is their abysmal road record. They are 3-15 on the road. Don’t misunderstand, the Celtics are not some juggernauts at home, with a 12-8 record. The Pacers have several out for this contest and the Celtics are finally getting healthy. Tatum takes this one on and has a big game, the Pacers are inconsistent at their best, and terrible on the road, -6.5 is a fair value.

Best Bet: Celtics -6.5

Best NBA Money Line Pick for January 10th

Bucks vs. Hornets Picks

We are well aware of the matchup indicator for the Hornets Vs Bucks game. The indicator gives Charlotte a 65% chance to grab the “W”. Well, ok, be that as it may, the computer doesn’t get out there and suit up. The Bucks are not what they were last season and if anything, this season proves that big moments are to be seized, held on to, and treasured. The NBA has a changing of the guard and it’s often.

The Eastern Conference is always wide open, anybody can beat anybody, but what about tonight, can the Hornets pull this off in consecutive games, against the reigning NBA Champions? Well listen, take all that NBA Champion stuff away, that may as well have been in 1980. This is now, teams must focus on the now, not on the past. The Bucks have lost 3 of the last 5 games and the Hornets have picked it up and they have won 3 of the last 5. Here is what we think – Talent rises to the top and over time, the better team with the talent will overcome the obstacles and be more consistent winners than losers and that brings them betting value for the long haul. You rarely see the Bucks favored by just 2-points, however, we do understand the dilemma Vegas finds themselves in. We like that dilemma and we are willing to play poker.

This is not a stretch; it’s not bluffing to say the Bucks are a better basketball team than the Hornets but we acknowledge the Hornets are playing much better than they once were. Tonight’s game is VALUE, and that value is on the better team laying -2. We are betting the Bucks to cover and if they don’t, then we go right back to the drawing board and bet them again in their next game.

Best Bet: Bucks Money Line

Best NBA Over/Under Pick for January 10th

76ers vs. Rockets Picks

The 76ers are hot right now and come into tonight’s game having won their last 5-consecutive games. In those five games, they scored 119, 116, 133, 110, and 114 for an average of 118.4 points per game. Over those five games, they held their opponents to 106 points per game. The Rockets have been awful, and they come into tonight’s affair having lost 4 of the last 5 games and they were blown out in all of them. They played Minnesota last night and lost 123-141, they lost to Dallas on the 7th, 106-130, to Philly on the 3 rd , 113-133, and to Denver on the 1 st , 111-124. The one game they have won over the last 5, came against Washington, 114-111. Over the last 5 games, the Rockets have allowed 127.8 points per game, and they have scored 113.4. We see this game going to a 124-104 final score.

Best Bet: 76ers/Rockets Over 227

Best NBA Parlay Bet for January 10th

Jazz vs. Pistons Picks / Spurs vs. Knicks Picks

The Utah Jazz has a fantastic record in the west at 28-12, however, their road record has taken a hit with recent losses to Indiana and the Toronto Raptors. The Jazz started the season outscoring like a house fire but lately, that trend has weakened with a 113-125 loss to the Pacers, a 108-122 loss against the Raptors, a 115-109 win over Denver, a 115-104 win over New Orleans, and a 116-123 loss against the Warriors. The problem for the Jazz right now is injuries. This team will be fine over the long haul, and we certainly think they will go deep in the playoffs, however, right now, they can be beaten, and even though Detroit is not a good basketball team, we expect them to keep up with the Jazz tonight.

The Piston have a lowly record of 8-30, and 5-13 at home, their record is awful and the team is lacking in depth at all levels, but having said that, they have won 3 of the last 5 games. We like that at +11 in this one tonight. We will couple the Pistons at +11 with the New York Knicks at -6. We like the Knicks to continue their home winning streak and beat a Spurt team that is reeling with injuries and mishaps. The spurs are in total disarray.

Parlay Bet: Pistons +11 / Knicks -6

Best NBA Props Picks for January 10th

Cavaliers vs. Kings Picks

We are heading out west for the prop lines of the night, and this one takes us to the capital of Cali where the Sacramento Kings are taking on the Cleveland Cavilers. The Cavs are the road favorite and laying 5.5 with a total of 220. We know that Cleveland is better than the Kings, however, the trip out west is never an easy one and, in this league, we tend to like home dogs in the west, against Eastern Conference opponents. We like a couple of props in this one.

Kings First to Score 20 Points (+120)

Highest Scoring Half: 2nd Half (+100)

Now is the time to dig in with the NBA and start winning some great money. We have had time to let the dust settle, we know who is for real and who the pretenders are. This league is competitive and there is a lot of parity, especially in the west.

The trick to winning basketball is consistency. Don’t overspend, stay within your gaming budget but keep coming back. Back up your losses by doubling down, and tripling down on teams that bring value. Find a great offshore sportsbook, one that offers a fantastic NBA bonus, and certainly one that has a stellar reputation for fast payouts and outstanding customer support. It’s 2022, make it your best year ever. Good luck tonight.