NFL Week 13 Betting Preview | Sides and Totals

NFL Week 13 Betting Preview | Sides and Totals

Football is a funny game, but we love it, and better yet, we love to bet on it. Every new week brings its challenges, and every week brings its value. There are more than a few games with betting value on the menu this week and we hope we help you win some extra cash. Don’t take your eye off the ball.

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Buccaneers (8-3, 5-6-0 ATS) @ Falcons (5-6, 5-6-0 ATS)

Buccaneers vs. Falcons Predictions

Odds: TB -10.5, 50.5

If the first one was any kind of indicator of how this matchup will end, then this one will end up with Brady marching off the field with a 10+ point win. The differences between these two are drastic, to say the least. Forget about Brady… Look, some guy named Larry, from Tucson could probably suit up for the Bucs and beat the Falcons. The Falcons are scoring 18.1 points per game, while the Bucs are scoring 31.5 per game. The Bucs are allowing 23.0 ppg, to the Falcons 27.5.

We acknowledge the Bucs defense could be better, however, the defensive stats get lost in the wash when comparing these two. The Falcons picked up a win last week against the Jaguars, lost the two previous against the Patriots, and Cowboys, found a way against the Saints, 27-25, but lost the week before, to Carolina. The Bucs are coming off a tough road win over the Colts, 38-31, and we believe these types of games are the indicator as to why they allow 23 points per game. They play pound for pound with competitive opponents. Not against the Falcons. Expect a smackdown!

Pick: Buccaneers -10.5, Over 50.5

Cardinals (9-2, 8-3-0 ATS) @ Bears (4-7, 4-7-0 ATS)

Cardinals vs. Bears Predictions

Odds: ARI -7.5, 43.5

If it wasn’t for the snake-bit Detroit Lions, the Bears would have lost the last five consecutive football games. They come into this affair having lost four of the last five which includes three on the road and two at home. On Thanksgiving, they found a way to come back in the last minute of the game, kick a field goal, and beat the winless Lions, 16- 14. The previous four losses came against the Ravens in Chicago, 13-16, the Steelers, 27- 29, the 49ers in Chicago, 22-33, and in Tampa, 3-38.

The Cardinals are a great football team that has managed to land themselves an 8-3 record against the spread coming into this game. They score 28.2 points per game and allow just 18.4 per game. The Bears are scoring a lousy 16.3 points per game and allowing a middle-of-the-road, 23.1 ppg on defense. Both teams are landing their feet squarely on the ground with 123 yards per game for the Cardinals, and 126.3 for the Bears. Out of the last five games for the Cardinals, they have covered the spread in three of them. They covered on the road in Seattle, and in San Francisco, as well as against the Texans.

Pick: Cardinals -7.5, Under 43.5

Chargers (6-5, 5-6-0 ATS) @ Bengals (7-4, 6-5-0 ATS)

Chargers vs. Bengals Predictions

Odds: CIN -3, 50.5

If this were a dating site, these two would be the perfect match! They are weird, you never know for sure what the other is thinking, and they will surprise you from time to time, however, they will let you down big, just when you started counting on them. The Bengals could be the one that got away if we fail to bet on them this week, but wow, it sticks in our craw, the loss to the Jets, and the smackdown they took against Cleveland. Beating the Steelers twice is a big deal and the 41-10 B#@#@-slap, last week, oh my. This team has a new wedding dress! We have no money for the Chargers. If you want the Chargers, go find Phillip Rivers and figure something else out, we are broke on the Chargers!

Pick: Bengals -3, Over 50.5

Vikings (8-3, 7-4-0 ATS) @ Lions (7-4, 7-4-0 ATS)

Vikings vs. Lions Predictions

Odds: MIN -7.5, 46.5

Are the Vikings a complete fraud? They would have to be to lose this game in Detroit. We love what Detroit has done in a few of its recent games, but we can’t look away when we see the number 15.8. That number represents points per game, on average for the Lions. 15 points is what the Lions are scoring per game. The Vikings are scoring 25.5 per game and allowing 25.1 per game. The Lions are allowing 26.3 per game, for a point differential between scoring/allowing – 11 points. The Vikings are nothing special they are a huge disappointment, however, we can’t back the Lions… but we hate -7.5. We’re playing a teaser.

Pick: 7-Point Teaser Vikings -.05, Over 39.5

Giants (4-7, 6-5-0 ATS) @ Dolphins (5-7, 6-5-1 ATS)

Giants vs. Dolphins Predictions

Odds: Miami -6, 39

Rising star Daniel Jones is out for the Giants. That’s bad, really bad against a Tua Tagovailoa, that’s on fire. The man had the second-best November in the history of the NFL! The other stat we hate is 1-4. The Giants are 1-4 on the road. The win against the Eagles last week was solid, we must give the Giants defense props, that was a tough game and it was a bit ugly at times but that's how defensive-minded games often are. The stats in this game are so very close. The Dolphins are rushing for a lousy 80 yards per game while the Giants put up 90. The Dolphins are allowing just 104.9 yards per game on the ground, in comparison to the Giants allowing 127.7 yards on the ground. Two factors are keeping us from taking the +6 – Jones is out, and 1-4 on the road. We think this is a closer game than -6 but we can’t spend our money on the Dolphins and -6. We are taking another teaser.

Pick: 7-Point Teaser Dolphins +1, Under 46

Eagles (5-7, 6-6-0 ATS) @ Jets (2-8, 4-6-0 ATS)

Eagles vs. Jets Predictions

Odds: PHI -7, 45

The Eagles have won three of the last five games but come in having lost to the Giants, 7- 13, and to the Chargers, back on the 7th, 24-27. The three wins were against the Saints, 40- 29, Denver, 30-13, and Detroit, 44-6. Are you noticing a pattern here! As much as we don’t believe in the Eagles, we certainly don’t believe in the Jets. The Jets come in having beaten the Texans, 21-14, while taking three expected losses over the previous three weeks, to Miami, Buffalo, and Indianapolis. The Eagles are 4-3 on the road which speaks better than their home record of 1-4. The most difficult thing for us with any bet is taking a number when the underdog is allowing more than 23-25 points – the Jets are allowing 30.4 points per game and scoring just 18.1. We will not be taking the points!

Pick: Eagles -7, Over 45

Colts (6-6, 7-5-0 ATS) @ Texans (2-9, 5-6-0 ATS)

Colts vs. Texans Predictions

Odds: IND -10, 45.5

This year has been a weird one for many teams and the Colts are no exception. The Titans are not weird, they’re just awful! They are so bad, that it’s almost not real, with 14.9 points scored per game, and allowing 26.5. Could the Georgie Bulldogs beat these guys? Seriously? The Bulldogs are scoring more than 30 ppg, and allowing just 7 points per game, not to mention they play in a very tough conference. There is a case for this, there has to be. The Colts Vs Texans have been a rival game for years now and it’s always been fun. The Texans can expect misery this time. Taylor will run hog wild on the defensive front of the Texans, and Wentz will pick the defensive backfield apart. It’s going to be a long day in H Town.

Pick: Colts -10, Over 45.5

Washington (5-6, 4-7-0 ATS) @ Raiders (6-5, 5-6-0 ATS)

WFT vs. Raiders Predictons

Odds: LV -1, 49.5

We are not ready to crown Washington, however, we are done trusting in the black and silver. This team is not the same without Gruden. How they got a win against the Cowboys is a mystery. We picked them in a 7-point teaser against the Bengals, at home in Vegas, they got blown out by the Bengals, 32-13. Washington is scoring just 20.8 points per game but the Raiders are scoring just 23.5. Washington is allowing 25.6 per game, to the Raiders 26.8. Vegas has played this one cautious and who can blame them? After the Cowboys win in Dallas, on Thanksgiving. Wow, it seems they found themselves but did they? We love the last three wins from Washington and we hate, hate, hate the last three losses from the Raiders, they look so ill-prepared. Having said all of that, we are betting our hard-earned money on a team that we know should be playing better and with Carr + DeSean Jackson as a deep threat… The Raiders finally pay off.

Pick: Raiders -1, Over 49.5

Jaguars (7-3, 4-6-0 ATS) @ Rams (8-3, 9-2-0 ATS)

Jaguars vs. Rams Predictions

Odds: Rams -13, 48

Never talk smack when you get traded! Von Miller was the best defensive player in the game for a short window of time. He racked up a lot of sacks and even a Super Bowl MVP award. He was the man in Denver for a long time but things hit the skids quickly. Miller has not been what he used to be for a few seasons now and his leadership was failing as well he was dragging the Broncos down. The Broncos recognized this and they traded him. The day he was traded, he spoke of how the Broncos were not playing well, and here he was now with the 7-1 Rams. Well, how ya like them apples! Here Von is not playing, hardly contributing, and the team has lost three in a row. They get the big win today, and Miller won’t have as a thing to do with it. The Jaguars cannot figure out how to play football and in LA, the wheels will come off the bus. The Rams will have a big day on the ground from Henderson, a bigger day from Kupp, and an even bigger day from Stafford.

Pick: Rams -13, Over 48

Ravens (8-3, 5-6-0 ATS) @ Steelers (5-5-1, 4-7-0 ATS)

Ravens vs. Steelers Predictions

Odds: BAL -4.5, 44

We have said before, the Ravens are a fraud. We stick by that. We think the Steelers have all kinds of problems and it starts with Tomlin. Any fan that follows the Steelers knows that Big Ben has been the heart and soul of the team for eons. He is the team. How he thinks, acts, and what he says, and does is golden in Pittsburgh, but he has a coach that mismanages the two-time Super Bowl winner. Tomlin has failed Big Ben, miserably. All that as it may… we think the Steelers dig deep and get up for this one against their most hated rival. The Steelers are not often “dawgs” at home, so we love it. This is easy… Run first, pass if absolutely necessary, and take a shot or two to keep them off guard. The Ravens will find a way to lose this game.

Pick: Steelers +4.5, Over 44

49ers (6-5, 5-6-0 ATS) @ Seahawks (3-8, 5-6-0 ATS)

49ers vs. Seahawks Predictions

Odds: SF -3, 45.5

We thought for sure the Seahawks would stand up to Washington and that Russell Wilson would make a statement; step up, and win a game. It didn’t happen. The Seahawks have fallen to 3-8 on the season and nobody saw this coming. This team needs some new life, they need direction, and who knows if Pete Carroll is still the man. Is Russell Wilson still the man? He may not be in Seattle, but come on, this guy is talented, and he will win games somewhere. We think it starts today! Sorry, we do. Our money is on the Seahawks at home, against their biggest rival. We love two home dawgs today – The Steelers, and the Seahawks.

Pick: Seahawks +3, Over 45.5

Broncos (6-5, 6-5-0 ATS) @ Chiefs (7-4, 4-7-0 ATS)

Broncos vs. Chiefs Predictions

Odds: KC -9.5, 47

All of a sudden, the Chiefs own the Denver Broncos as they are going for win number 12, in a row. This rival used to be the other way around – then came Mahomes. Look, the Broncos are fortunate to be 6-5, and in many ways, it’s a miracle. The thing is, this team is not as bad as they have looked and they have put together some shining moments, such as the Cowboys win, in Dallas. Teddy Bridgewater is the real deal whether the fans in Denver accept it or not. The guy has heart and he shoed it in a gritty win last week over the Chargers. The Broncos may not be elite on the defensive side of the football like they once were, but they are allowing just 17.8 points per game, The problem for this team - when they were an elite, defensive juggernaut, they were also scoring over 30 points per game.

Now, they are scoring just 20 points per game. The Chiefs have all the weapons nowadays but what’s troubling, is their loss of that killer instincts they possessed just 2-3 seasons ago. It’s what won them a Super Bowl. This Chiefs team lost to Tennessee, 3-27! They can be beaten. Denver has weapons of their own and while we think they must run, run, run, will they run, run, run? Fangio tends to be as lost as a goose! Does he come through with a game plan that works? His defense will, but the offense is questionable. We think the Broncos hang around and keep it closer than -9.5. We wouldn’t bet the farm on a Broncos win but take the points.

Pick: Broncos +9.5

It’s that time guys, buckle up for a fantastic week of NFL betting action. Can the Chiefs win 12 in a row over the Broncos, what about the Seahawks, can they get bask to winning, does the 12th man mean anything anymore? The Steelers are 5-5 and a 4-point dawg at home, we think the Ravens are a fraud, what say you? What about the Rams, are they bad and we haven’t accepted it, or will they cover 13 points today?

The Raiders, we think they find a way but wow, are we tired of being burned by them! Today will be fun, we know that to be a fact. Call the offshore bookmaker and avoid taxes and commission with the domestic guys. Most of all, win some money, have fun and good luck.