NFL Week 2 Anytime Touchdown Scorer Props Picks

SpaceX went up with its "inspiration" ship on Wednesday, and let's hope that when they land, it's not with the same thud we created with our touchdown-scorer picks last week.

Sure, we hit at +300 with Tua Tagovailoa, and that softened the blow a little, but we got shut out with everybody else.

Will we go back to the well with anyone this week?

Chase Claypool TD Props Week 2

Raiders vs. Steelers Picks

TD Scoring Odds: +150 to Score a TD Anytime

Claypool is one of those guys where you're thinking that almost anytime he has his hands on the football, he is liable to make something happen. He had a great 25-yard run last Sunday against Buffalo, and maybe he has a shot to make some headway against the Raiders, even though early reports on Ben Roethlisberger's offensive line are, well, not real promising.

In his NFL career, Claypool has 76 touches, and has scored eleven touchdowns. If the Steelers are going to improve on last week's offensive output, he might well be the guy to make that go.

Ezekiel Elliot TD Props Week 2

Cowboys vs. Chargers Picks

TD Scoring Odds: -135 to Score a TD Anytime

For fans who watched Dallas' Thursday night opener against Tampa Bay, but who DIDN'T see HBO's "Hard Knocks" in the preseason, they may not even have been aware that Ezekiel Elliott was still on the roster. He ran for just 33 yards in the contest, while Dak Prescott aired it out 58 times.

This week we could see a different story, since Brandon Staley's defensive schemes are more geared toward stopping the explosive plays. So yes, we will see the dinking and dunking, but also more room for the ground game.

We do recognize the decline in last year's numbers, but we're not ready to shut the door on Elliott just yet. In fact, far from it.

Adam Thielen TD Props Week 2

Vikings vs. Cardinals Picks

TD Scoring Odds: +130 to Score a TD Anytime

Yeah, losing in overtime to the Cincinnati Bengals was a downer for the Minnesota Vikings. And as much as we hate to say it, Dalvin Cook, who could have made us a winner last week as he scored a touchdown, turned out to be a "goat," not a G.O.A.T., if you know what we mean, with just 62 yards on 20 carries and an overtime fumble that led to Cincinnati's winning field goal.

Kirk Cousins (49 attempts, 351 yards) likes to take a lot of the burden into his own hands as it is, and when he does that his favorite target is Adam Thielen, who scored twice last week.

So this does not exactly fall into the category of a "mystery" or surprise pick. But who says it has to?

Jaylen Waddle TD Props Week 2

Bills vs. Dolphins Picks

TD Scoring Odds: +225 to Score a TD Anytime

We were going to go with Tua again, and the odds have not dropped all that much on him from where they were last week. But we won't push our luck. It's likely that early in his career, the Miami quarterback is still getting the feel of working with his receivers, and Waddle is not only a guy he is familiar with, but also someone who is perfectly capable of catching a short pass and taking it the full route.

Remember that Waddle missed much of last season at Alabama with an injury. So it had to be encouraging for offensive coordinators George Godsey and Eric Studesville that he stepped up in his NFL debut and had a 35-yard reception, as well as a three-yard TD grab.

Denver Broncos TD Props Week 2

Broncos vs. Jaguars Picks

TD Scoring Odds: +330 to Score a TD Anytime

You know what they say, right? You're not really an NFL quarterback until you've been "pick-sixed." I'm not sure they really say that, but it's a good bet that Jacksonville's Trevor Lawrence receives a full indoctrination into the intricacies of NFL pass coverages from a master, as Denver coach Vic Fangio is known to create a lot of havoc for young passers.

Lawrence found himself under heavy pressure last week and threw three interceptions against Houston. This week he'll be throwing into the teeth of a better defense, and he'll have to deal with Von Miller and possibly even Bradley Chubb in this one. Can you say "strip-sack TD"?

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