NFL Week 3 Teaser Predictions and Odds

Week three started with the Panthers earning a huge win over the Texans. However, this was just the beginning of the epic slate of games. It’s teaser time in the NFL, and the games this week give us great value.

Here are our best six-point and ten-point teaser bets for week three.

NFL Week 3 6-Point Teaser Picks

Cardinals vs. Jaguars Betting Report

Teaser Pick: Cardinals Teased from -7.5 to -1.5

The only advantage the Jaguars have in this game is playing at home. The Cardinals look like a legitimate Super Bowl contender after two weeks of action. The team is deadly thanks to Kyler Murray at quarterback, and Jacksonville is susceptible.

The Jaguars need to improve their game plan and improve in many areas. Trevor Lawrence has also been underwhelming after two weeks. The Cardinals will easily win by two points in this game.

Colts vs. Titans Betting Report

Teaser Pick: Colts Teased from +5.5 to +11.5

The similarity between the Colts and Titans is that they have both played in close games. The Titans beat the Seahawks in week two by three points. The Colts nearly beat the Rams in week two, losing by three.

Tennessee is a better football team, especially at home in this matchup. Nevertheless, do not be surprised to see the Colts prevail in the game and cover. Carson Wentz has looked serviceable, and he should play Sunday.

Ravens vs. Lions Betting Report

Teaser Pick: Ravens Teased from -7.5 to -1.5

The Lions have looked better than advertised. They gave the Packers a fight on Monday Night Football, but Detroit has flaws. They do not have the defense to keep up with Lamar Jackson. Additionally, Baltimore is coming off a huge win over the Chiefs.

This game may be close for a half, but there is no doubt that the Ravens will prevail. Teasing them to -1.5 will create easy money.

NFL Week 3 10-Point Teaser Picks

Saints vs. Patriots Betting Report

Teaser Pick: Saints Teased from +3 to +13

This could be the best tease on this list because of the offenses in this game. Neither team is going to score a lot of points. This should make for a very close game between the two teams. Giving the Saints a 13 point buffer should be profitable.

Jameis Winston needs to limit his turnovers, but New England’s offense struggles to capitalize.

Chargers vs. Chiefs Betting Report

Teaser Pick: Chargers Teased from +6.5 to +16.5

This game is a teaser steal as well because the Chargers are talented. It would not surprise me to see them win this game. The ability to get them by just under three scores with the tease is too good to pass.

Los Angeles seems to play Kansas City hard every year. The Chiefs have also appeared to start slow in 2021. This is going to be a fight, but an easy game with the tease.

Packers vs. 49ers Betting Report

Teaser Pick: Packers Teased from +3 to +13

The Packers are a legitimate threat in the NFC. They had a bad start to the season, but Aaron Rodgers is still fantastic. I think Green Bay is better than San Francisco. This game will be on the road, but the Packers will easily cover if Rodgers gets going.

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