NFL Week 4 Opening Lines and Odds Comparison

NFL Week 4 Opening Lines and Odds Comparison

We’re going to look at the NFL week 4 opening lines and compare them to the current lines. Even though it’s early in the week, there has already been plenty of line movement on some spreads and totals.

Before we get into NFL week 4 betting odds, let’s take a look back at what happened in week 3.

NFL Week 3 Betting Recap

Bettors are going to need to adjust, as underdogs keep dominating. Favorites went 5-10-1 ATS in week 3, but even more impressive was the fact that eight underdogs won straight-up.

Favorites are now 18-27-2 ATS this season. Betting underdogs has been profitable.

In week 3, eight games went over the total and eight games have stayed under the total. The over/under record this season is sitting at 18-29-1. A lot of NFL offenses have looked terrible through three weeks.

Analyzing NFL Week 4 Line Movement

We’ll now compare NFL week 4 opening lines to the current spreads and totals.

Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Opening Spread: Bengals -4.5 / Current Spread: Bengals -3.5

Opening Total: 44 Points / Current Total: 47.5 Points

The undefeated Dolphins are underdogs on TNF, but this line will likely drop before kick-off.

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints

Opening Spread: Vikings -1 / Current Spread: Vikings -2.5

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 44 Points

With early action coming in on the Vikings, we could see this spread go over a FG by the weekend.

Cleveland Browns vs. Atlanta Falcons

Opening Spread: Browns -2.5 / Current Spread: Browns -2.5

Opening Total: 45 Points / Current Total: 48 Points

The total has shot up three points from the opening line, as both teams rank in the top 10 in scoring.

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens

Opening Spread: Bills -1 / Current Spread: Bills -3.5

Opening Total: 55 Points / Current Total: 52.5 Points

Despite losing in week 3, the Bills spread is moving up on the road against the Ravens.

Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys

Opening Spread: Cowboys -5 / Current Spread: Cowboys -3

Opening Total: 43 Points / Current Total: 42.5 Points

The Cowboys are favored with Cooper Rush at QB, but the line has been dropping.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions

Opening Spread: Lions -1 / Current Spread: Lions -6

Opening Total: 46 Points / Current Total: 50 Points

The Lions have seen their spread jump from -1 to -6 and it could keep moving up this week.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Houston Texans

Opening Spread: Chargers -7.5 / Current Spread: Chargers -6

Opening Total: 46 Points / Current Total: 45.5 Points

Houston remains winless, but they’ve been keeping games close due to a strong defense.

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts

Opening Spread: Colts -1.5 / Current Spread: Colts -3

Opening Total: 44.5 Points / Current Total: 42.5 Points

After defeating the Chiefs, the Colts are going to be a popular public bet against the Titans.

Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants

Opening Spread: Giants -2.5 / Current Spread: Giants -3

Opening Total: 39.5 Points / Current Total: 39 Points

The Giants are small home favorites, but with a win on MNF, this line will increase during the week.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Opening Spread: Eagles -6 / Current Spread: Eagles -6.5

Opening Total: 48 Points / Current Total: 48 Points

We haven’t seen much line movement yet, but I expect the Eagles spread to drop before kick-off.

New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Opening Spread: Steelers -3.5 / Current Spread: Steelers -3.5

Opening Total: 42.5 Points / Current Total: 41.5 Points

Two struggling teams meet on Sunday and we’re likely not going to see much line movement.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Opening Spread: Cardinals -2.5 / Current Spread: Panthers -1

Opening Total: 46.5 Points / Current Total: 44 Points

The Cardinals went from small favorites to underdogs on the road against Carolina in week 4.

New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers

Opening Spread: Packers -5 / Current Spread: Packers -10.5

Opening Total: 42.5 Points / Current Total: 39.5 Points

Aaron Rodgers is playing great, but this spread may have jumped up too much.

Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Opening Spread: Raiders -1.5 / Current Spread: Raiders -2

Opening Total: 46 Points / Current Total: 44.5 Points

All three of the Broncos games have gone under the total, will that trend continue?

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Opening Spread: Buccaneers -2.5 / Current Spread: Chiefs -2.5

Opening Total: 52.5 Points / Current Total: 44 Points

Tom Brady and the Bucs offense are struggling, but the total has likely dropped too low.

Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

Opening Spread: Rams -1 / Current Spread: 49ers -2.5

Opening Total: 51 Points / Current Total: 42.5 Points

Here’s another game that has seen the total drop nearly 10 points from the opening line.