NFL Week 7 Betting Preview | Sides and Totals

Welcome to week seven of the NFL. The week has already kicked off with another Broncos loss coming by way of the Cleveland Browns. The Broncos are no surprise, they played three bad teams to open the season and walked away 3-0, now, the real Broncos have shown up. The “real” Bears have shown up as well, and they head down to Tampa to face off with Brady, the Rams are laying 16-points against the Lions, and the undefeated Cardinals are laying 17.5-points against the Texans.

There are some big spreads across the board and then others are a surprise, such as the Packers laying 7.5 at home against Washington. You don’t want to miss a fantastic opportunity to win some easy money this week. Call the bookie and ask for the latest lines and be sure to ask for an NFL bonus.

Washington (2-4, 1-5-0 ATS) vs. Packers (5-1, 5-1-0 ATS)

WFT vs. Packers Picks

Odds: Washington +7.5, ML +310/-400, O/U 48.5

Where: Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

When: 11:00 CT FOX

The Packers come in hot and have been hot since their 1 st week loss to the Saints. We saw that game and out first thought was one of panic, the reason for panic is natural with the Packers. We all know how the story goes for them, even with an MVP as QB! Have they turned the corner? It appears they have, and the -7.5 just may be the easiest -7.5 we have been asked to lay, in a long time. Is Washington chopped liver? YES, in this game they are and 7.5 is Vegas showing blatant disrespect. We would lay 7 in Washington. Rogers has 1436 yards with 12 TD’s and 3 INT’s. He’s playing like he’s 25. Washington has a talent in Heinicke, but the inexperience will overwhelm him at Lambeau Field.

Best Bets: Packers -7.5 and Over 48

Chiefs (3-3, 2-4-0 ATS) vs. Titans (4-2, 4-2-0 ATS)

Chiefs vs. Titans Picks

Odds: Chiefs -4.5, ML -230/+190, O/U 57.5

Where: Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

When: 11:00 CT CBS

This one is a good one, a really, really, good one! Two years ago, the Chiefs were a lock, today, the Chiefs have been figured out. Andy Reid is a good coach, he’s a better man! There is nothing wrong with Andy, he is a standup guy and he was the quality hire the Chiefs needed but he’s easy to figure out, and that is exactly what teams have done. Andy only hires people that follow his plane, that’s good, but bad, and now it’s showing up all over the place. Remember his tenure with the Eagles? Pound for pound, Mahomes is better than Tannehill, but Henry is miles better than Edwards. The Titans are on a roll and feeling it after the win over the Bills.

Best Bets: Titans ML +230 and Over 57.5

Falcons (2-3, 2-3-0 ATS) vs. Dolphins (1-5, 2-4-0 ATS)

Falcons vs. Dolphins Picks

Odds: Falcons -2.5, ML -135/+115 O/U 47.5

Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL

When: 11:00 CT FOX

The Falcons are coming off two weeks of rest, and the Dolphins are injured across the board. This team is miserable, let’s just say it, let’s be honest. They can trad for whoever they wish but short of Dan Marino suiting up, we don’t see these guys turning this season around. This team is in perpetual rebuild mode. Matt Ryan has slowed a step or two, we get it, but he’s the one with the experience and we can’t back Brissett on any level. Miami is a home dog for a reason.

Best Bets: Falcons -2.5 and Under 47.5

Jets (1-4, 1-4-0 ATS) vs. Patriots (2-4, 2-4-0 ATS)

Jets vs. Patriots Picks

Odds: Jets +7, ML +250/-320, O/U 42.5

Where: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

When: 11:00 CT CBS

Both the Jets and the Patriots are rebuilding, however, the big difference between the two other than a 7- time winning Super Bowl coach – the Jets are much like the Dolphins, and in a state of perpetual rebuild. When will this end, will it end in our lifetime? Ha, this sounds dramatic, and it’s not, but seriously, will the Jets ever get better, will they ever be a contender? Both also have a string of injuries, but we think it matters not. The Jets can’t find the endzone, and although we can’t buy into either quarterback, we believe in the Patriots defense over a really bad offense.

Best Bets: Patriots -7 and Under 42.5

Panthers (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS) vs. Giants (1-5, 2-4-0 ATS)

Panthers vs. Giants Picks

Odds: Panthers -3, ML -150/+130, O/U 43

Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

When: 11:00 CT FOX

The Giants are allowing 29.5 ppg and scoring 19 ppg. The Panthers are not exactly scoring juggernauts with 23 ppg. and allowing 20 per game. Darnold gives his team a better chance to win than does Jones, and the Giants are struggling across the board. This team is 1-5 bad, they lost to the Broncos! Who will make the most mistakes in this game? The Giants have given up 38, 44, 27, and 30 points over the last 5- games. The Panthers have shut down bad teams such as Houston and New Orleans, we see that in this one.

Best Bets: Panthers -3 and Under 43

Bengals (4-2, 3-3-0 ATS) vs. Ravens 5-1, 3-3-0 ATS)

Bengals vs. Ravens Picks

Odds: Bengals +6.5, ML +230/-280, O/U 46.5

Where: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, MD

When: 11:00 CT CBS

The Ravens picked up a big win over the Chargers last week and that gives them plenty of confidence coming in against the Bengal’s. The problem we have with this game and the thought of the Ravens covering -6.5 is two-fold. First, the Raven have beaten a bunch of mediocre team such as the Broncos and the Lions, the Chiefs are not what they used to be, that was a 1-point win at home, and the Colts had them beat if not for a game losing kick… not to mention a last second kick against the Lions. In other words, our belief is not there, not yet. The Bengal’s have show us enough, that we believe in them to keep this game close.

Best Bets: Bengals +6.5 and Over 46.5

Eagles (2-4, 3-3-0 ATS) vs. Raiders (4-2, 3-3-0 ATS)

Eagles vs. Raiders Picks

Odds: Eagles +3, ML +140/-160, O/U 49.5

Where: Allegiant stadium, Las Vegas, NV

When: 2:05 CT FOX

The Raiders are nothing special with or without Gruden. This team is another one that is perpetually rebuilding. They deny this but the facts don’t lie. Sure, the Broncs win was a god win, any win on the road is a good win, and especially in Mile High. The Broncos are not a good football team, and when we look at the Raiders loss to the Bears – well, you see the skepticism. Put it this way, the raiders MUST win today for us to believe in them. The Eagles are dealing with injuries, they are dealing with finding their offensive groove, and they are trying to hang around games with a middle of the road defense. It’s difficult to get behind either team, but, but, but… we MUST pick the home team coming off a big win over their biggest rival.

Best Bets: Raiders -3 and Over 49.5

Lions (0-6, 3-3-0 ATS) vs. Rams (5-1, 4-2-0 ATS)

Lions vs. Rams Picks

Odds: Lions +16, ML +700/-1100, O/U 50.5

Where: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA

When: 2:05 CT FOX

The Lions are bad, are they this bad? Remember the Ravens game, remember the longest kick in the history of the NFL? Yes, but then you look at more losses and we say that was an overrated Ravens team that could lose this week to the Bengals. We hate laying big numbers like this on any NFL game and we would rather tease the favorite. We like the cover, we think they do cover; however, this means the Rams must maintain a 20+ point lead throughout, that’s a tall order but not that tall when playing a bad team. We see very little redeeming value in taking the points, on paper this game is a blowout. We are going either the Rams but recommending a 6-point teaser –Rams and over.

Best Bets: Rams -16 and Over 50.5

Texans (1-5, 3-3-0 ATS) vs. Cardinals (6-0, 5-1-0 ATS)

Texans vs. Cardinals Picks

Odds: Texans +17.5, ML +900/-1700, O/U 47.5

Where: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, AZ

When: 2:25 CT CBS

The Texans have no chance in this game, and we expect a big blowout. This Cardinals team has a chance to be special and they are really good. The Cardinals are outscoring the Texans 32-15, and holding their opponents to an 18-28-point differential. Murray is playing well but can be better and against a bad defense, he just may lay 500 yards down! This one gets ugly in the dessert and quick.

Best Bets: Cardinals -17.5 and over 47.5

Bears (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS) vs. Buccaneers (5-1, 2-4-0 ATS)

Bears vs. Buccaneers Picks

Odds: Bears +12.5, ML +550/-800, O/U 47

Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

When: 2:25 CT CBS

The Buccaneers can say what they want to say. The news this week reports them saying “watch out for the Bears, their offense looks worse than it is”. Really? That’s what we said right here, last week. We gave the Bears all the credit in the world and said they would show up for this old rival game. They showed up alright, and got their butts kicked in their own house. This team is lame and lacking in motivation. The Buccaneers are tired of having to cover huge spreads! They cover this week.

Best Bets: Buccaneers -12.5 and Over 47

Colts (2-4, 4-2-0 ATS) vs. 49ers (2-3, 1-4-0 ATS)

Colts vs. 49ers Picks

Odds: Colts +4, ML +175/-210, O/U 44

Where: Levi Stadium, Santa Clara, CA

When: 6:20 CT NBC

The Colts are showing promise and out of all the “bad” teams in the NFL, they are probably the best of the bad. Does that make any sense? Well, ha, here is what we know… The numbers are close. The Colts are scoring 23.2 ppg, and the 49ers are scoring 23.4 ppg. The 49ers are allowing 23.8 ppg, while the Colts are allowing 21.8 ppg. The stat lines are oh so close, these teams play close to identical. We like Carson Wentz and what he is doing for the Colts and believe them to have potential to be a playoff game if the chips fall correctly. We hate all of the injuries on the 49ers side and think it to be a big factor in this one.

Best Bets: Colts +4 and Over 44

Week 7 is going to be fun. Find a great offshore sportsbook that comes with a fantastic reputation for quick payouts, and a fair NFL bonus. It’s a wise thing to have more than one sportsbook in your back pocket. Jump in this week, make the call, get that deposit in and start winning big money. Have fun and good luck.

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