PayPerHead Bookie Software Features

Today, we’re going to outline the bookie software features.

Right now, bookies can sign-up to for free during the pandemic. Once one of the major US sports is back in action, the Prime Plan starts at $13/head and includes everything below.

Ten Features Enjoyed by Bookies Using

#1: APS® Agent Payment Solutions: With most PPH shops, the bookie handles the cashier, but with PayPerHead, bookies can accept cryptocurrencies, credit cards and MoneyGram with APS®.

#2: Customized Website: As a PPH bookie, you want your own branded website using a domain (URL) you own, as it allows you to build a brand and makes it easier to market.

#3: Gambling Options: Your gambling website will allow your players to bet on 80+ sports leagues, eSports, horse racing, live (in-play) sports betting, digital casino games and live dealer casino games.

#4: Customer Service: PayPerHead is one of the few shops with multilingual customer service agents that are available 24/7 through live chat, email or telephone from their in-house call center.

#5: Proprietary Tools: Gain access to proprietary tools to help your business remain profitable. Two of the most popular tools used by bookies are the SharpCheck® and SharpLine® services.

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#6: TruLive® Wagering: Live sports betting is booming. The majority of PPH services lack a complete live betting platform, but the TruLive® Wagering platform allows in-play betting on 80+ leagues.

#7: Wagering Alerts: Bookies will be able to utilize an instant action ticker and have real-time betting alerts sent to them, which allows you to stay ahead of steam plays from your player base.

#8: Customizations: The software used by PayPerHead is feature-rich and loaded with tools to help bookies run their business, which helps make them a top PPH provider. However, the software can be customized by bookies as well. Change the lines on a market or create a betting profile (credit/betting limits) for your players, plus much more.

#9: Security: Online sportsbooks are hacked all of the time. Protect yourself and your player base by partnering with PayPerHead. They handle your website security, including DDOS protection.

#10: Layoff Account: Ever have too much exposure on a game and been worried you were going to take a big loss? That’ll never happen with PayPerHead, as they have a layoff account for their clients.

The features above are the main perks of partnering with PayPerHead, but it’s not an exhaustive list and there’s even more to discover about one of the best price per head providers.

PayPerHead has been in business for 20+ years and they’re a pioneer in the industry.

They have built up numerous proprietary tools throughout the years that you won’t find everywhere else, which is one of the things that set them apart from the majority of their competition.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these features, head over to and call them to ask a rep to set you up with a live demo. The team there will also be glad to help you out or answer any questions you may have about becoming a sports bookie.