Picking The Right Pay Per Head Site for NCAA Basketball Season

As a private bookie, the fall is one of the busiest times of the year. All the major sports are in action to present an excellent opportunity to boost your bottom-line profits. The one downside to such an active betting board is the tendency to only focus on working in your bookie business and not on your overall business goals and strategies.

Anyone who has been running and managing an independent sportsbook long enough knows how quickly things move and change. Football alone will not generate enough income to meet your long-term financial goals. NBA basketball offers an excellent return, but from mid-November right through the month of March, your biggest money-making opportunity is college basketball.

How to Become the Best Bookie?

NCAA Division I basketball is made up 32 different conferences representing over 350 teams. Given that each team plays over 30 games a season, you can see why this sports betting window offers a wide range and scope of betting opportunities. The NFL’s Super Bowl may be the biggest betting day of the year, but the annual men’s basketball NCAA Tournament in March is the biggest sports betting event of the year.

Pay Per Head Bookie Software Solutions and College Basketball

Given the overall scope of this sport, it is vital that you find the right pay per head site to work with this college basketball season. A betting opportunity this big requires the right online sports betting software solutions. 

You have to find a PPH service that can supply all the college basketball betting lines you need when you need them. The action gets fast and furious once the regular season gets underway. You need access to fast and sharp betting lines for every game to properly build out your daily college basketball board. You also need lines and odds for expanded betting options such as first and second half lines, futures and props.

Today’s college basketball bettors are looking for a variety of betting options to add some variety to their overall betting strategy. Too many private bookies get caught focusing only on the basic bets for the biggest games while giving up quite a bit of revenue and profit due to the lack of an expanded board. You have to make sure that your pay per head site can keep pace with betting lines for every college basketball game.

How Much Money do you Need to Become a Bookie?

You should also make sure that your PPH service can process every online transaction in a safe and secure manner. The top pay per head sites employ a variety of security measures that protects all vital and sensitive information. You also need a bookie software solutions provider that has an operating system with a high level of reliability. Your business depends on this high level of redundancy that keeps the best PPH sites up and running at all times.

Make The Change to The Right Pay Per Head Site

Another costly mistake private bookies often make is sticking with a price per head shop that cannot meet all of their business needs. Whether it comes down to a cheap weekly fee for active customers or the fear of change, sticking with the wrong bookie software provider will end up costing you way more money over the long haul.

This will be one of the biggest business decisions you will ever have to make. Getting it right the first time is the ideal situation. However, heading into the college basketball season, you should never feel like it is too late to make a change. The time and extra effort it may take to find a PPH service that does meet all of your specific business needs will pay some major dividends over the course of this NCAAB season.

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