Premier League Week 5 Odds, Preview and Betting Tips

The Premier League is set to have some great games on the weekend. However, the Premier League may not have as many shocking games as what they did in the last week. Now, the Premier League does have some good games on tap and that should definitely make for some great bets here.

Newcastle United vs. Leeds United Predictions

1x2 Odds: Newcastle United (+210) / Leeds United (+130) / Draw (+260)

Total: Over 2.5 Goals (-125) vs. Under 2.5 Goals (+130)

Newcastle United is coming here with a total offensive collapse compared to last year with only 5 goals scored. The defense has had a lot of pressure on them with the lack of offense and that comes to a defense that has allowed 12 goals. Leeds is coming here with a total of 4 goals on the year and that is a complete lack of offensive effort. The defense, just like Newcastle, has broken under the pressure as well giving up 11 goals. In this game the lack of offense will be the telling problem in the game here as this game will end up in a draw, but it most likely will hit the under in this game as well.

Pick: Under 2.5 Goals (+130)

Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace Predictions

1x2 Odds: Liverpool (-460) / Crystal Palace (+1375) / Draw (+575)

Total: Over 3.5 Goals (+100) vs. Under 3.5 Goals (-120)

Liverpool has looked impressive on the year with only a single draw as the blemish on their record. The Liverpool club has a consistent offense with 9 goals scored, but the true stat that is telling is the defensive effort that has allowed only 1 goal. Crystal Palace is coming here with a couple of draws and a loss. Now, one thing that the Crystal Palace team has going for them is the fact that the team has scored 5 goals, but allowed 5 goals as well. Look for the Liverpool team to easily run over the Crystal Palace team here and bring home the win rather easily, but also look for the goal difference to be covered here.

Pick: Liverpool -1.5 Goals (-150)

Burnley vs. Arsenal Predictions

1x2 Odds: Burnley (+295) / Arsenal (+100) / Draw (+255)

Total: Over 2.5 Goals (+101) vs. Under 2.5 Goals (-121)

Burnley has not found their first win on the year so far and have only managed to get a draw to help the club out. Those losses stem from the fact that the Burnley club has only managed to put in 3 goals, but have allowed a total of 8 goals and that ranks in the bottom of the Premier League. Arsenal was finally able to get a win in their last game. However, it was barely a win and does not really counter the fact that Arsenal has 3 losses on the year and if relegation hit now would be on the verge of being relegated. What is a telling issue in this game is the fact that Arsenal does not have any offense on the year with only a lone goal on the year. The defense has allowed 9 goals to be scored against them on the season so far.

Pick: Draw (+255)

West Ham United vs. Manchester United Predictions

1x2 Odds: Manchester United (-125) / West Ham United (+345) / Draw (+290)

Total: Over 3 Goals (-120) vs. Under 3 Goals (+100)

West Ham is coming in without a loss on the year with 2 draws, but have managed to get 2 wins on the year. The downside is the last game was a draw against Southampton of all teams. The West Ham club has put in a total of 10 goals on the year, but the defense has given up 5 goals. Manchester United is coming here with the only negative on their record being a draw and that was against Southampton. Offensively the Manchester United team has put in 11 goals, but the defense has allowed only 3 goals on the year so far. Now, one thing that will be a tell tale sign is West Ham has slipped some recently and that will continue in the match here as Manchester United is able to play good in the game here and secure the win.

Pick: Manchester United (-125)

Tottenham vs Chelsea Predictions

1x2 Odds: Tottenham (+350) / Chelsea (-125) / Draw (+288)

Total: Over 2.5 Goals (-120) vs. Under 2.5 Goals (+100)

Tottenham was embarrassed in their last game against Crystal Palace. The Tottenham club ended up losing by a score of 3-0. What could definitely be problematic is the fact that Tottenham has scored only 3 goals all year, but the defense for Tottenham has given up 3 goals so far. Chelsea is coming here with only a draw as the only thing that has kept them from having a completely clean sheet. On the year so far the Chelsea team has put in a total of 9 goals on the season, but have allowed only a single goal to be scored against them. Look for the defense of Chelsea to shut down the Tottenham offense in this game here rather easily and secure the win.

Pick: Under Chelsea (-125)

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