Racebook and Casino Bookie Services With Ace Per Head

The key to enhancing weekly revenue and bottom-line profits running your own independent bookie operation is developing multiple streams of revenue.

Sports may be the cornerstone of the business, but taking in some extra action on horse racing and online casino gambling can also be very lucrative business opportunities. Especially with the state of society now, offering a racebook and casino options to your players is a must.

The first step in taking full advantage of each of these revenue options is to sign on with Ace Per Head as your bookie services provider. This top-rated pay per head site not only offers a racebook and online casino software package, they have perfected it.

First Class Bookie Services Since 1998

Ace has always been known as a pioneer and innovator in the online sports betting software solutions industry. In business since 1998, this is a PPH service that has grown and prospered since Day 1 when online bookie services were in their infancy.

Over the past two decades, Ace has built their online bookmaking services package in-house and from the ground up. They have also been able to stay way in front of the competition when it comes to innovative products such as an online racebook and casino.


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Many of today’s pay per head sites are new to the game using old ways of getting things done. Ace has never shied away from making the necessary investments in money, time and manpower to offer a superior product backed by continual expert support.

The Main Benefits of Ace’s Racebook

The biggest appeal of horse racing is the scope and range of the sport.

Ace’s expanded racebook offers fast and easy access to every North American racetrack running a daily live race card. Added to the mix are the top international racing venues in hot spots such as the UK, Japan and Dubai.

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Taking a truly global approach to horse betting expands both the scope and range of the profits you can bring in on a regular basis running a racebook. It may take a bit more time and effort upfront to get things rolling. Yet, this is a potential revenue stream that never runs dry.

Where your own racebook really pays big dividends is almost every weekend of the year with major graded events on the cards at the most popular betting tracks.

From the Kentucky Derby as the biggest betting race of the year to the annual Breeders’ Cup in early November, there are always excellent opportunities to promote and market each weekend’s biggest betting events.

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The Main Benefits of Ace’s Online Casino

The online casino industry is booming these days.

To the point where it is driving total industry growth in established gambling states such as Nevada and New Jersey.

By offering your sports betting customers quick and easy access to online casino gambling, you are also establishing your bookie business as a full-service online gambling site.

Whether your players are looking for slots and video poker options to sitting in on a few hands of Blackjack with a live online dealer, Ace can offer everything you need to take full advantage of this multiple revenue stream.

The software application to operate an online casino is part of the low weekly pay per head fee you are already paying for active sports betting customers.

Increasing the overall handle of your active betting base is the best way to increase profitability. Ace’s online casino offers something for everyone who is looking to try their luck on a few real money casino games.