Best Super Bowl Novelty Props Picks for 2024

Sure, football fans care more about what happens on the field, but Super Bowl novelty props are a big part of the occasion. Betting on the winner of the game is always fun, but Super Bowl novelty props can take the excitement to a whole new level.

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On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Las Vegas. With a day to go until the greatest show on earth begins, here are our 2024 Super Bowl novelty props predictions.

Super Bowl Novelty Props Predictions

Thanks to the leading NFL sportsbooks, there is no shortage of Super Bowl novelty props available. Before we reveal our predictions, let’s check out all the popular options on offer.

  • Coin Toss – You can bet on the coin toss outcome (heads or tails) and which team will win the coin toss.
  • Gatorade Color – The prop allows you to predict the color of the first bucket of Gatorade poured on the winning coach’s head.
  • National Anthem – You can wager on whether the National Anthem will last over or under a certain amount of time.
  • Scorigami – Scorigami is the art of building a final score that has never happened before in NFL history.
  • Coach’s Challenge – The prop enables you to predict which team will use the first coach’s challenge.
  • Jersey Specials – You can bet on the combined touchdown scorer’s jersey numbers, the jersey number of the first TD scorer and more.

Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl Coin Toss Predictions

  • Coin Toss Outcome: Heads (+100) / Tails (+100)
  • Team to Win the Coin Toss: Kansas City Chiefs (+100) / San Francisco 49ers (+100)

Heads or tails is the ultimate 50-50 bet. However, there are some trends to consider. In the history of the Super Bowl, tails has landed 30 times (53%), while heads has landed 27 times (47%).

It is also worth noting that tails has landed in seven of the previous 10 Super Bowls. With that in mind, we’re going with heads this year, simply because the law of averages should even things out over time.

Best Bet: Heads (+100)

Best Bet: Kansas City Chiefs (+100)

Super Bowl Picks

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Predictions

  • Purple (+225)
  • Yellow/Green (+300)
  • Orange (+300)
  • Blue (+350)
  • Red (+350)
  • Clear (+1000)
  • No Gatorade Shower (+1600)

The Gatorade shower originated in the mid-1980s when the New York Giants first performed the act. Since then, orange (21.7%) has been the most common color, followed by blue (17.4%), clear (17.4%) and none (17.4%).

Since 2015, however, blue has been the most common color, appearing four times (44.4%). Given that blue has better odds than three of this year’s options, we like the look of the +350 price.

Best Bet: Blue (+350)

2024 Super Bowl Touchdown Props Picks

Super Bowl National Anthem Predictions

  • Over 90.5 Seconds (+102) vs. Under 90.5 Seconds (-128)

Since the time of the national anthem started being recorded in 2007, the over has landed nine times, while the under has landed seven times. There has also been one push since betting began.

This year, Reba McEntire will sing the pregame song. The fastest version on YouTube of McEntire is 83 seconds, and she completed the anthem in 78 seconds before a celebrity softball game in 2017. For that reason, we recommend opting for under.

Best Bet: Under 90.5 Seconds (-128)