Betting on How Many Tennis Aces a Player Will Have

We’re going to explain how to bet on tennis aces in this betting guide. Boasting an estimated one billion fans worldwide, tennis is among the most popular sports on the planet. Consequently, tennis is also one of the most popular sports to bet on.

Tennis Betting Sites

There are tons of tennis betting markets to choose from, including moneylines, handicaps and totals. You can also bet on how many tennis aces a player will have, and that’s precisely why we created this guide.

What is an Ace in Tennis?

Before we dive into our tips for betting on tennis aces, let’s go over the definition of an ace. In tennis, an ace is a legal serve that successfully lands in the service box and is not touched by the receiver’s racquet.

An ace gives the serving player one point, as the receiving player is unable to return to the ball. Typically, tennis aces occur on a player’s first serve when the ball speed tends to be quicker than the second serve.

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How to Bet on Tennis Aces

You can bet on how many tennis aces a player will have in a match. Bookmakers generally offer aces in an “over/under” market, giving you the chance to predict how many aces a player to achieve.

For example, Player A is priced at +150 to hit over 9.5 aces, while you can get odds of -200 for them to hit under 9.5 aces. You then decide whether Player A will hit over or under 9.5 serves in the match.

A $100 wager on “over” would give you a $150 profit if Player A serves 10 or more aces. On the flip side, a $200 wager on “under” would give you a $100 profit if Player A serves nine or fewer aces.

What Is Set Betting in Tennis?

Tips for Betting on Tennis Aces

Now that you’re up to speed on tennis aces, it’s time to highlight a handful of key betting tips. If you utilize the following tips, you will give yourself a far greater chance of being successful.

Back Power Servers

Some tennis players are known as “power servers”. As the name suggests, these players have extremely powerful serves, meaning they tend to hit more aces than players with weaker serves.

Power servers are typically tall players who have more clearance over the net, which helps increase their margin of error with flat serves. That said, not all tall players are strong ace hitters.

Utilize Tennis Ace Stats

There is no getting away from statistics in this day and age. Stats have taken over the sporting world, and bettors can utilize the numbers and trends when it comes to betting on how many tennis aces a player will have.

At the time of writing, John Isner holds the record for the most aces, having registered 14,470 in 772 matches. That means the American averaged 18.7 aces per match over the course of his career.

Other notable names in the top 10 include Roger Federer (11,478), Andy Roddick (9,074) and Pete Sampras (8,858), so we recommend looking out for players with similar serving styles.

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