The Future Is Now: A Guide To Using Bitcoin

The Future Is Now: A Guide To Using Bitcoin

So you've been playing at offshore books since as far back as you can remember.  You still remember when you saw the billboard "everybody bets" associated with a certain offshore book many of us started with. And since you've started betting you've always funded your books and received payouts the same way. Sure, it's not always the most convenient and can actually be quite a pain with changing sender names, getting a number wrong and so forth but its how you've always done it. And payouts take a while, always have, you just have to wait for the Fed Ex envelope and hope it clears or makes a multitude of trips to your local grocer. 

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You've heard there is a better way but you're an old school guy and change doesn't come easy. Well, it's 2019, stop doing things the hard way and get with the deposit and withdrawal method known as Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows you to make deposits from the comfort of your own home. No more trips to the grocery or drug store with a name in hand you can barely pronounce. Bitcoin streamlines the process and brings us back closer to the days of Neteller where a debit card was all you really needed to get action. 

I'm Going To Try - So What Now?

So you've decided to try Bitcoin but have no idea where to begin. First, you will want to set up a digital wallet. My personal recommendation for a first timer is to try Coinbase. Coinbase is easy to set up and very user-friendly. Click on get started and follow the prompts to enter your info to get your account up and running. You will also need to verify your information in order to begin trading on Coinbase. Make sure all your information entered is accurate. 

Adding Payment Methods

Coinbase offers three methods to fund your account with Debit Card, Bank Account, and Wire Transfer. Once your account is setup enter the setting menus and select to "Link A New Account".  You will then need to select a method of deposit from the above three mentioned. Choose the method that works best for you as each has pluses and minuses depending on what size deposits you are looking to make. Please note if you decide to use a debit card you will need to verify the account by checking the two micro charges that are made against the card. 

Converting Cash To Bitcoins

Once you have linked your account to Coinbase account you will now need to purchase Bitcoin before sending to any offshore shops. To place your order click on the Buy/Sell button at the top of your dashboard. Once you click on this, you will be able to determine the amount of Bitcoin you plan to buy. After you enter the amount you plan to buy you will need to select a payment method from the drop-down box. Once you have chosen this method click "Complete Buy".

Sending Funds

After you've got your Bitcoin funds secured in your Coinbase wallet you will need to send to your book of choice.  If you are an occasional player then sending directly to the book is probably not going to be an issue. If you are a very active player who often deposits and withdrawals to offshore books such as America's Bookie you may want to look at adding a 2nd wallet such as Mycelium to add a layer to the process (will cover this in another piece). 

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In order to send funds, you will need the book to send you a valid Bitcoin address. Try to have them email this to you as its much easier to cut/copy than trying to write down and inputting later. On the Coinbase app, you will need to select Bitcoin from the available wallets that include several other cryptocurrencies. After selecting BTC wallet look in the top right corner for the thing that looks like a paper airplane. Once clicking there you will need to select the amount you are looking to send. After selecting an amount to send, click continue, you will next be brought to the menu where you will need to paste the previously received Bitcoin address you got from the book. After you have entered the BTC address then you will need to once again click on the top right to confer you are sending. 

Usually, within 30 minutes or so your funds should appear in your book account and you are ready to wager. It may seem like a few steps up front to get set up but once you do the process is 100x times easier and more efficient than previous methods used to play.