Top NBA Player Props Picks for Friday, January 28th 2022

Top NBA Player Props Picks for Friday, January 28th 2022

The NBA season is in full swing. Betting on teams is great in basketball. However, player props are a terrific way to win big on basketball.

The NBA is a league dominated by star performances. This makes it an excellent opportunity to win big on hoops.

Here are my top NBA player props for January 28th 2022.

CJ McCollum Over 19.5 Points

Trail Blazers vs. Rockets Prediction

The Trail Blazers will face the Rockets tonight, which is great for betting purposes. Houston is scrappy, but they are not a good basketball team. This means you should be hammering props for the Trail Blazers.

My favorite prop in this game is CJ McCollum’s points total. It’s currently set at 19.5, and he should surpass this with ease. He has gone over this total three times in his past five contests.

McCollum is a balanced point scorer who finds ways to put the ball in the net. With this being said, hammer the over.

Ja Morant Under 29.5 Points

Jazz vs. Grizzlies Prediction

Ja Morant is one of the most dominant young players in the game. He is a point guard, but he wants to score.

However, I like him to pass the ball more than usual against the Jazz tonight. Utah plays terrific defense, and they force point guards to pass.

Morant will be an active participant in tonight’s game, but I think his total is too high. He is averaging 25 points per game, so this total is four points higher than his average. I think Morant has an off night against the Jazz.

Reggie Jackson Under 15.5 Points

Clippers vs. Heat Prediction

Reggie Jackson’s points and minutes have both been down lately. I see him getting more time tonight against the Heat. However, his recent performances scare me when it comes to his point total.

He has scored a combined 13 points in his past two games. The Heat are one of the best defensive teams in the league.

Jackson must work for all the points he will get on Friday. I think it’s unlikely he finds a way to get the job done.

You must look at past performances for these props, and he does not meet the cut.

Zach LaVine Over 24.5 Points

Bulls vs. Spurs Prediction

Zach LaVine is one of the most dangerous scorers in the NBA. He should have plenty of open looks tonight against the Spurs.

San Antonio does not play good defense. They also do not have a lot of players who will be able to challenge LaVine around the floor.

If LaVine can step up his game from behind the arc, he goes over with ease. He was off for an injury for ten days in January, but his past two games have been electric.

Al Horford Over 8.5 Points

Celtics vs. Hawks Prediction

The Celtics were contemplating changing their team. This means Al Horford may be sent elsewhere if they can get a good package. Horford is a boom or bust player, but I like him to get time tonight.

This will help his scoring total. He typically goes over 8.5 points when he receives minutes. Additionally, he is averaging 13 PPG vs the Hawks.