Tracking eSports Betting Through Field Level Media

With most live sports and sporting events still on hold heading into early May, eSports have suddenly been thrust into the picture. This type of virtual competition has always been highly popular with the gaming community. Global events are staged regularly with overall prize money reaching seven-digits.

The sports betting industry has begun to take notice of eSports and their viability as betting options.

eSports Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks

This effort is being spearheaded by the online sportsbook industry with a series of betting lines and odds on a number of different competitions. As recently as March, the Nevada Gaming Control Board gave in-state books the green light to add certain eSports events to their betting boards.

There is definitely a big difference betting on a NASCAR race at the track and betting an eNASCAR event with drivers taking the turns via a game. However, just like anything else, once you get to know the competitors and their gaming ability, you can make a few educated wagers on the outcome.

Betting eSports is all about gaining access to key eSports data.

Field Level Media

Field Level Media has been in the forefront of eSports for quite some time.

Now, this site can be used as a reliable source of information when it comes to betting on upcoming events. Just this past weekend alone, the site produced pertinent eSports data for more than 40 different events. Trending in the Right Direction

This is exactly why is jumping onboard the eSports train.

One example was the upcoming schedule for six weeks of the NBA 2K League. League play will consist of 23 teams playing eight mini-series from their home market. Each matchup will be a best-of-three series. Each of the games played in these series will count as a win or a lose in the overall standings.

NBA 2K Players Tournament Highlights: Devin Booker vs. Deandre Ayton

The current schedule runs through June 12. The remainder of the schedule and the in-season tournament will be released at a later date. Not missing a beat, the online sportsbook industry should be releasing betting odds for this eSports competition.

Snell Sweeps

Another news story from this past weekend covered the inaugural MLB The Show Players League title. Tampa Bay Rays starter Blake Snell swept Chicago White Sox hurler Lucas Giolito to claim the top spot.

Snell lost just one game in three-game postseason series to lay claim to this eSports league title.

During the sweep in the best-of-five World Series matchup, he won all three matchups by a combined score of 14-3.

Snell had this to say to about his winning efforts against Giolito:

“Usually I’m super aggressive in this league. But facing Lucas, I know he’s getting a lot better. And I knew I had to be a lot more patient. Once he starts to know how to hit better, he’s going to be nasty. I was happy I was able to play him now because he’s gonna be really good.”

The eSports competition covered by Field Level Media runs the gambit of the gaming world. Popular sports such as NBA 2K and MLB are just a small part of the overall lineup. Combat games such as Fortnite and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive have huge followings.

Organized competition for both of these games are the biggest betting events on the board at online books. Live sports and sporting events are slowly working their way back into the picture. However, eSports is also carving out a permanent piece of the betting action.

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