What is a Pay Per Head Service?

Often, “Pay Per Head” and “Price Per Head” services are confused. They are thought of as two separate entities, they are not separate entities in any way. A (pay per head) is identical to a (price per head). They both function in the same manner, they both operate the same way, they have the same business model and most (PPH)- Pay/Price Per Head companies charge for their services in the very same manner as the other. In short – a Pay Per Head and a Price Per Head, are the same business. 

Now that the difference between a “Price Per Head” and a “Pay Per Head” has been established. The FAQ’s are:

What is a Pay Per Head? 

A Pay Per Head service, or (PPH) is a 100% turnkey ready, online sportsbook and casino. Think of it like this--- When conducting a Google search for “online sportsbooks” or “offshore sportsbooks”, (the websites that you find)--- that is exactly what makes up a PPH. What you see, is basically what you get. 

Now, what you get is a lot! The online sportsbooks of today have come a long way since the early days of the online sportsbook world—the early 1990’s.

Pay Per Head services have come along and made the corner bookies job much easier. There once was a day when life as a local bookie was a hassle, to say the least. There was no such thing as Pay per Head software, or any kind of online Pay Per Head betting platform. 

There are now many online Pay Per Head providers that offer an all-inclusive, online sportsbook, racebook, and online casino. Think of this in terms of “one-stop shopping.” 

What is the function of a Pay Per Head?

The main and foremost function of a Pay Per Head service is to offer bookies an online presence for their bookie business. There are many types of bookies, there are bookies on the streets of Trenton with three clients and there are bookies in Miami or Chicago with 600 clients. For that matter, there are bookies in Trenton with 600 clients, or in Los Angeles, or Albuquerque… Name the place, and the state, there are bookies! 

What bookies are looking for is a service that will help them organize their business. At some point, somewhere in time, all of the “big boys” of the offshore gaming world, they grew large enough, to where they needed help as well. 

At a minimum, in the very least; bookies are looking for bookie software programs that will assist, and aid in the process of making their life and business much more organized. This is exactly where the Pay Per Head industry steps up. 

What are the benefits of using a Pay Per Head?

•    After signing up for a Pay Per Head service, (the reputable ones) Note: Be sure to conduct an online search, read the Pay Per Head reviews and learn who can be trusted and who has built a great reputation—After signing up, the bookie can be up and running the business within a day and/or even sooner. Remember, this is a turnkey, online sportsbook and casino (if you choose to operate a casino). 

•    Accounting services – The Pay Per Head does all of the accounting for the bookie. They crunch all of the player numbers, they keep track of all the revenue (money in, money out). The bookie has access to on-demand reports, 24/7.

•    Free customer support for both the bookie and the player/client. This service comes with a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States and features English speaking agents that are product knowledgeable. 

•    A fantastic wagering interface that features all of the most-bet-on sporting events from around the world, as well as a top-notch wagering menu that features Las Vegas-style sports betting-with the many sports betting options. 

•    A state of the art, Las Vegas-style casino with an equally impressive horse book that comes loaded with more than 70 of the world-famous tracks.

•    Preset lines and odds, that come to you daily, even better yet; the bookie has control. The bookie can change the numbers at any time. This is the bookies business and the Pay Per Head provider sees it that way.

A Pay Per Head service is a must for any bookie that desires an online presence and that wants to make a great income. If a bookie wants to make fantastic money, they must have many players and in order to get many players, they must focus on marketing (finding players). That’s not an easy job, and it takes time. For this reason—leaving the hard work to a Pay Per Head service is becoming ever more popular among bookies all across the United States and the world over. 

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