What is Pay Per Head

Pay Per Head bookie services have helped to modernize the sports betting industry when it comes to running and managing an independent bookmaking operation. The best bookie service providers working through the pay per head business model basically lease a highly sophisticated online sports betting software solutions package. This package allows a private bookie to run their business online.

The cost of this lease agreement is based on a low weekly per head fee that is charged for each active betting customer a private bookie represents. This provides everything needed to run and manage an independent sportsbook, racebook and online casino operation.

It also provides a very low cost barrier to entry in the lucrative world of online gambling.

Origins of the Pay Per Head Industry

The origins of the pay per head industry can be traced back to the origins of the Internet.

In the mid-90’s, offshore sportsbooks were busy developing complex gambling software solutions to operate their businesses online. This opened the door to lucrative sports betting markets, such as the US and Asia.

Since the commercial offshore sportsbooks were operating in a legal jurisdiction for sports gambling, there was very little the US federal government could do to shut these million dollar online sports betting websites.

At the same time, pay per head online gambling software companies were developing their own betting platform and sports betting software solutions geared towards the private bookie working with a select betting cliental.

To keep startup and overall operating costs as low as possible, the price per head business model of leasing the proper software solutions was formed.

Since the majority of sports betting revenue in the US is still generated by the private bookie segment, the demand for quality pay per head products and services has remained high since Day 1.

New players to the market include individual states with land-based and online sportsbooks connected with casinos and racetracks.

Nevada was the first and only state with legal sports betting before 2018. Changes to the interpretation of federal law by the US Supreme Court in May of that year paved the way for more states to get into the sports betting game.

The added competition in an already highly competitive marketplace actually raised demand for pay per head products.

With more and more sports fans looking for fast and easy ways to bet on the games, private bookies working with a top-rated pay per head site could quickly attract a solid customer base.

The biggest edge the private bookie has against the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail they can provide. Many of today’s more sophisticated and active sports bettors are looking to place all their action through a private book to obtain this higher level of service.

Today’s Pay Per Head Industry

Over the years, pay per head owners/operators expanded their bookie services to include online gambling software solutions to run an extended racebook for horse betting and real money online casino gambling.

What is a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Ambitious bookies looking to expand their base of operations have turned to these multiple streams of revenue. This also helped to level the playing field against the big commercial online books.

The internal operating systems used to power the best pay per head sites would rival the systems the big offshore books are using to power their online betting websites.