What Is Round Betting in UFC?

In sports like the UFC, round betting is simply any bet placed on the exact round that a fight will end or on the total number of rounds that a fight will last.

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There are other options as well, which we will identify later. Betting on the UFC is typically a moneyline wager on one fighter to win a bout. While that is attractive to many bettors, there is the potential to really add to one’s bankroll in round betting.

Here’s how.

Method of Victory

Bettors should know that a UFC fight can end a number of different ways. Fights can end by knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO). Most sportsbooks will consider a KO and TKO as the same.

Bouts can end when a fighter submits – taps out – to the other fighter. All rounds are scored by judges. If a fight goes the distance, the result is determined by a point system. Fights can end on judges points and, in very rare cases, fights can end in a draw.

Draws are rare in UFC fights, but occur when at least two of the three judges score the fight a draw.

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Exact Round

Bettors can wager on when a fight will end and they can do so in a couple different ways. The simplest way is to bet on when the fight ends regardless of the winner. Here’s an example.

When will the fight finish?

Round 1 +400

Round 2 +600

Round 3 +800

Round 4 +1000

Round 5 +1200

A bettor can place a $20 bet on the fight ending in round 4 and win $200 when it does. It does not matter which fighter wins the bout.

UFC fights are either three or five rounds. Bettors typically choose when a fight will end at plus-money odds. Bettors also can wager on when a fight will end and the winner.

As mentioned, the options will most likely all be at plus-money odds and will include the fight being decided on points or ending in a tie. Here’s an example.

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Method + Round Combo (5 Rounds)

Joe Salecki KO/TKO + Round 1 +400 / Alex Da Silva KO/TKO + Round 1 +750

Joe Salecki KO/TKO + Round 2 +700 / Alex Da Silva KO/TKO + Round 2 +1200

Joe Salecki KO/TKO + Round 3 +1500 / Alex Da Silva KO/TKO + Round 3 +1900

If Salecki knocks out Da Silva in the third round and you bet $100 on that exact outcome, you would win $1500.

Keep in mind, there may be other options on the bet slip. They would include the fight ending by submission or on judge’s points. The fight could also end in a draw.

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UFC Totals

UFC bettors can also bet on totals. The bet is a typical Over/Under wager. One would look like this:

Total Rounds Over/Under

Over 4.5 -135 / Under 4.5 +110

It’s important to note that the “.5” in this case actually does refer to half a round. If you bet the Over (or Under) 4.5 in this case and the fight ended with 2:30 left in the fourth round, the bet would Push.

If you bet the Under in this case, the fight would have to end in the first, second, or third round or end in the first half of Round 4. Rounds in UFC fights are five minutes long.