Why Choose Pelican Pay Per Head

Pay per head services are the choice for bookies in the industry because of their reputation for being the most successful in offshore bookmaking. The ease of use of PPH software allows the independent bookie to grow into a much larger online operation.

Pelican PPH believes its responsibility is to provide agents with the absolute best operation possible. The goal of the company is and has always been to help the bookie make as much money as possible. How they do so and how they take care of their agents is why you should choose Pelican PPH.

Best Prices in the Industry

Pelican has an extremely simple pricing structure. Bookies with one to 499 active accounts on a weekly basis pay $15 per phone account and $10 per internet account. It’s that simple.

When an agent hits 500 accounts, the pricing is even more lucrative. Phone accounts are $5 each and internet accounts are just $3. With pricing like this, it’s easy to see how Pelican can help bookies make more money.

Take Control

Using Pelican and their world-class product lineup gives the agent control over his entire business while allowing for maximum profits.

You have a team of experienced agents ready to provide support at any time. All agent services personnel have at least 10 years in the business and speak a variety of languages to take calls from clients around the globe.

You control your lineup of offerings. Sports, horses, casino, and live betting are just some of the options available. Choose as many or as few as you like. Pelican recommends the full slate to maximize money-making potential, but ultimately the decision is up to the bookie.

Bookies also have control over the lines.

They know their players and can set pricing accordingly. Using Pelican also affords agents the ability to customize their own betting rules and limits. You have complete control over your operation.

Product Lineup

Bookmakers like Pelican because of the wide range of product offerings.

Clients can bet on all of the major sports and even get in on in-game betting action. You can set up betting pools and do squares – big during Super Bowl – and calculate how much commission you want to make.

Other features like live sports betting and live streaming are also available with an additional fee. The live streaming is state-of-the-art and one of Pelican’s most highly demanded products.

New Products

In an ever-changing world, the betting industry must be able to follow along and top pay per head services do just that. Pelican is always on alert to offer clients the best and the latest in product offerings. One of the newest options for bettors is in the eSports category.

Pelican PPH eSports lineup offers action on a number of games including Overwatch, Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, and more. Madden and NBA2K are big sells as well. Bettors have access to pre-game lines as well as live betting on eSports.


Simply put, you get what you pay for in the pay per head industry. Your investment in Pelican affords you a customized, high-end website and the betting software to run your operation. You get the latest in technology with several layers of firewalls and other protections to ensure nothing is compromised.

Pelican invests in the latest servers, DDOS protection, and more to ensure that your business is always up and running and always protected. In addition, your entire business is 100 percent mobile ready. In today’s age, bookies have to have mobile friendly websites.

With the best technology in the business, Pelican PPH offers a safe, secure option for bookies who wish to offer variety to their players and maximize their profits.