Dallas Mavericks vs Boston Celtics Picks and Predictions June 12th 2024

Dallas Mavericks vs Boston Celtics NBA Wed, Jun 12, 20:30 pm.
Dallas Mavericks
ML: -150
Boston Celtics
ML: 125

Mavericks Must Elevate Their Game to Avoid a 3-0 Deficit Against Celtics

The NBA Finals are at a critical juncture with Game 3 presenting two distinct possibilities: the Boston Celtics could take a commanding 3-0 lead, or the Dallas Mavericks might rally to keep their championship hopes alive. As the series moves to Dallas, the Mavericks face the daunting task of overcoming a 2-0 deficit, a scenario in which 31 of 36 teams have historically secured the title. The Celtics, on the other hand, aim to extend their perfect road record in the playoffs and edge closer to their first championship since 2008.

Celtics’ Strategy and Resilience

Boston’s approach to Game 3 is centered on maintaining their competitive edge and executing their game plan with precision. “Trying to be the hungrier team,” said Celtics guard Jrue Holiday. This mindset has been instrumental in Boston’s playoff success, particularly their defensive versatility and depth.

Despite shooting struggles in Game 2, where they hit only 25.6% from three-point range, the Celtics have demonstrated their depth. Holiday, Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, and Jayson Tatum have all played pivotal roles in applying defensive pressure and contributing offensively when needed.

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Key Players to Watch

Luka Doncic

Dallas’s hopes rest heavily on Luka Doncic, who has been a standout performer despite injury concerns. Doncic notched a triple-double in Game 2, showcasing his ability to deliver under pressure. His health remains a pivotal factor, with Doncic himself assuring, “I feel good.”

Kyrie Irving

For the Mavericks to stay competitive, Kyrie Irving must step up his game. Averaging just 14 points on poor shooting in the first two games, Irving acknowledged the need to elevate his performance: “We have to raise it to an even higher level, and it starts with me.”

Jayson Tatum

Boston’s Jayson Tatum has had a couple of off nights but remains a threat. Tatum’s all-around game means he can influence outcomes even when his shooting falters. “One game, I could explode,” Tatum noted, highlighting his potential to change the series dynamics.

Injury Concerns

The status of Kristaps Porzingis is another critical factor. After sustaining a left leg injury in Game 2, his potential return could bolster the Celtics’ lineup. Coach Joe Mazzulla emphasized the importance of making a medically sound decision regarding Porzingis’s availability.

Mavericks’ Path Forward

Dallas must find a way to support Doncic more effectively. This involves not only a stronger performance from Irving but also contributions from other key players. The Celtics’ defense, featuring multiple capable defenders, poses a significant challenge that the Mavericks need to overcome through strategic adjustments and improved execution.

Strategic Insights

Boston’s defense and balanced scoring have been pivotal. Holiday’s 26 points in Game 2 and Brown’s 22 points in Game 1 exemplify the team’s depth. For Dallas, breaking through Boston’s defensive schemes and finding consistent secondary scoring will be crucial to shifting the series momentum.


As Game 3 approaches, the Dallas Mavericks face a critical challenge to stay alive in the NBA Finals. While the Boston Celtics hold the upper hand, Dallas’s ability to elevate their game, particularly through improved performances from key players like Kyrie Irving, will determine if they can shift the series momentum. The stage is set for a pivotal matchup that could define the course of the championship.

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Dallas Mavericks
O 214.5
Boston Celtics
U 214.5
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