2024 F1 Championship Odds and Predictions


Max Verstappen is flat out unstoppable. He’s been on a tear once again this season, making it no surprise that he’s got the best 2024 F1 Championship odds by a considerable margin.

The race for this year’s F1 Drivers Championship admittedly is not over, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at the pricing at the top sports betting websites.

He feels like a lock, but what if he isn’t? Verstappen fumbling this year’s F1 title would ensure insane betting value. You just need to know which other drivers have a realistic shot.

Let’s look at the most recent F1 World Championship odds to find out how to bet on this auto racing market.

Odds to Win the 2024 F1 Drivers Championship

BetUS has the latest F1 World Title betting odds. As mentioned, Verstappen is a runaway favorite with a ghastly -2000 price tag.

2024 F1 Championship Odds2024 F1 Championship Odds
Max Verstappen -2000Lando Norris +1000
Charles Leclerc +2000Oscar Piastri +25000
Carlos Sainz +25000Lewis Hamilton +50000
George Russell +50000Sergio Perez +50000

Verstappen is such a big favorite to win the 2024 F1 Drivers Championship that most sports handicappers would agree he’s not even worth backing. The return for the risk is quite simply a huge waste of time.

The only way I’d target Verstappen at this point is if his odds lessened considerably. That pretty much makes this F1 betting market one to avoid – unless you have reason to fall in love with one of the other drivers.

Lando Norris comes in with the second best odds, while Charles Leclerc ranks third. That pricing indicates they’re the only realistic contenders here, but you’re obviously getting incredible value with some big names the further down you go.

It’s almost certainly Verstappen or bust when betting on who will win the 2024 Formula One Drivers Championship, but it’s still worth breaking down.

Why is Max VerStappen the 2024 F1 Title Favorite?

The more suitable question is why wouldn’t Max Verstappen be favored to win the 2024 F1 title? His odds are egregious, but that’s what happens when you’re this dominant.

Seriously, the guy has won 70% of this season’s races (7 of 10) and doesn’t appear ready to slow down at any point. He also has 219 points at the time of this writing, and the next closest driver has (gulp) just 150.

Vetstappen is also on fire. He’s won each of the last three previous seasons, giving him three total F1 titles. This year’s would be his fourth, and he’d be one shy of a tie for second place.

Put simply, his talent and dominance are impossible to ignore. So is what seems like an insurmountable lead.

It’s always possible he flatlines and stinks up the joint in the second half of the season, of course. The only issue with that? It almost certainly won’t happen, and even if it does, it may not be enough to unseat him as the overwhelming favorite.

So, Verstappen does feel like a lock here, but his F1 title odds also mean we can’t actually bet on him. That turns us to his competition, as damned as they all may be already this season.

Top Contenders to Win the 2024 F1 Championship

You don’t need an expert betting guide to realize nobody else is really a threat to upset Verstappen, but if it were to somehow magically happen, there are two names to hang your betting hat on.

Lando Norris +1000

Okay, so if you’re at all entertaining betting on someone other than Verstappen, that hilarious idea begins with Land Norris. He’s never won the F1 Drivers Championship (and still probably won’t this year) – but he has the second best odds and second most points (150).

He’s also one of three other drivers to secure a win on the 2024 Formula One circuit. He stole the show back in Miami with a May 5th win, which marked the first F1 victory of his young career.

This showed progress from a year ago, where Norris finished runner-up in four races and at least third in five. The 24-year old is undeniably on the rise, as he’s at least been making noise in recent seasons, finishing 11th or better every year since 2019.

So far 2024 is easily his best run, of course, as he notches his first F1 win and has two poles and one of the fastest laps of the season. He’d need an epic free fall from Verstappen to even have a chance, but his current form is good enough to lend him consideration.

Charles Leclerc +2000

The only other driver with a realistic chance to win the F1 title in 2024 is Leclerc. The 26-year old Monegasque native finished 5th overall a year ago and is presently holding the third best F1 Championship odds.

Leclerc is understandably also third in the driving standings with 148 points. The next closest driver is Carlos Sainz at 116. Yeah, it’s that bleak for anyone looking to bet against Verstappen.

Still, Leclerc is one of two worthwhile F1 title contenders. He’s been even better than Norris in recent years, as he’s finished inside the top-8 every year since 2019. He was second three seasons ago, and has been inside the top-5 in each of the last three campaigns.

Like Norris, he’s one of three other drivers not named Verstappen to secure a  win, too. He was able to get it done at Monaco in just the third race of the 2024 Formula One season.

So, can Leclerc actually go the distance? Probably not, but when looking at past success, 2024 form, and the latest F1 Drivers Championship odds, he’s probably the one I prefer.

He only has the one victory to show for 2024, but he’s been in the mix of virtually every single race. He finished fourth in the first race of the year, and he stayed within the top-4 in every other run, save for the Spanish GP (5th).

Leclerc is right there, demanding to be noticed in every race. He needs to pick up his game – and Verstappen needs the mother of all stumbles – but at +2000, he’s a decent flier bet.

Best 2024 F1 Drivers Championship Betting Value

You’re probably already looking at the best F1 Championship sleepers above in the contenders breakdown. Norris and Leclerc aren’t likely to actually contend for this year’s title, but at +1000 and +2000, they’re almost certainly your best bets.

Of course, it’s in our blood to seek out even more betting value. Obviously you can get that with literally any other F1 driver, seeing as all the other options are priced at +25000 or worse. If we’re going to get crazy, let’s get really crazy. Why not bet on a random Lewis Hamilton revival?

There’s not much to like here, if I’m being honest. Hamilton currently ranks just 8th in the F1 Driver standings with a measly 70 points. He doesn’t have a win yet in 2024, and he has just one top-3 finish on the year.

He wasn’t really holding it down when he was on Hot Ones, either.

Again, not great.

However, Hamilton finished third in last year’s F1 standings and his most recent race may have shown signs of him being able to turn it on. After all, he did finish fourth at the race prior, and that’s now two straight top-4 efforts – both of which were his first of 2024.

But I’m not betting the bank on Hamilton because of anything he’s shown us so far this year. I’d be betting on natural talent and past domination. At 39, it’s obvious Hamilton isn’t the guy that won an F1-record seven titles. 

Still, Hamilton has half a season to give it a go. Maybe it’s the nostalgia in me. Maybe it’s the fact that betting anyone other than Verstappen (and even him) is a fool’s errand. But his +50000 F1 Championship odds are calling to me.

Who Will Win the F1 Constructors Championship in 2024?

Odds for the 2024 F1 Constructors Championship
Red Bull -450
McLaren +350
Ferrari +1200
Mercedes +10000

Before we get to this year’s Formula One prediction, let’s first stop at the 2024 Constructors Championship. Obviously this isn’t just about one driver, it’s the best constructor of the entire season. 

This means that while Verstappen is the slam dunk for the guys actually racing, that isn’t necessarily the case with this betting market.

Naturally, the pricing is a bit tighter. Here’s a quick look at the 2024 F1 Constructors Championship odds.

While anyone can win this thing – drivers aside – this is probably the best way to bet on behalf of Verstappen. He’s won 70% of the races so far, and he’s helped Red Bull secure a title in two straight years.

Of course, it’s worth noting that he didn’t dominate to the point of doing the heavy-lifting all on his own in 2021, when Mercedes won even though Verstappen won individually.

So, how do we approach this? While you’re probably just betting on Red Bull still, keep in mind that two of this year’s other three winning drivers ride for Ferrari. That does make their +1200 odds look pretty interesting, but they need to heat up and have a lot more success down the stretch.

I think Ferrari makes for a fun bet and McLaren is the logical pivot, but when it’s all said and done, Verstappen is once again primed to carry Red Bull over the finish line.

Bet: Red Bull -450

2024 F1 Championship Winner Prediction

Ultimately, betting on the F1 Championship is a non-starter for me. Max Verstappen is so far ahead and so dominant that it quite simply is not worth your time.

If you’re going to bet on this thing, I’d target the value. I’d start with Leclerc and a sprinkling of Norris. Heck, I’d have some fun and throw a tiny sum of cash on Lewis Hamilton. But Verstappen? He’s just so far along that it doesn’t make any sense.

Make no mistake, though; Verstappen is winning this thing. 

It’d take something truly unforeseen to prevent him from taking it home at this point.

The only realistic value lies in the Constructors Championship bet, and again, Verstappen’s dominance should play a vital role in securing a third consecutive title for Red Bull.

The good news? You can still bet on individual F1 races and maybe here and there you can obtain some value when Verstappen fails to win. Heck, a lot of sports betting sites have priced him down in recent races to garner interest, and perhaps there bettors can take advantage, as well.

F1 Bet: Max Verstappen -2000

Recent F1 Championship Winners

Last 10 F1 Driver Champions
2023 – Max Verstappen
2022 – Max Verstappen
2021 – Max Verstappen
2020 – Lewis Hamilton
2019 – Lewis Hamilton
2018 – Lewis Hamilton
2017 – Lewis Hamilton
2016 – Nico Rosberg
2015 – Lewis Hamilton
2014 – Lewis Hamilton
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