2024 NBA Trade Predictions & Odds


The NBA never rests. If you were worried you wouldn’t have any NBA betting markets to attack this summer, consider yourself relieved.

You can still bet on the 2024 NBA Draft, and before long you should be able to wager on NBA Free Agency, too. Another market that is very active right now and extends into the regular season is NBA trades, and there’s definitely value to exploit.

The 2024 NBA trade deadline is a ways away, but things move fast. Join me as I look at my favorite 2024 NBA trade predictions, as well as the latest odds.

When is the NBA Trade Deadline 2024?

It’s actually not official yet, but it’s safe to assume the 2024 NBA trade deadline will arrive close to where it was this past season.

You could bet on who will be traded up until February 8th of 2024, and it’s likely this year’s NBA trade deadline will bleed into February again.

That gives you a ton of time to figure out how to bet, but some moves go down quicker than others. With some huge names possibly on the trade block, let’s look at the latest NBA trade odds and come away with some predictions.

2024 NBA Trade Odds

With the 2024 NBA Draft here, you should fully brace for some big deals to go down. There are several huge stars that are being floated in NBA trade rumors, and it could be only a matter of time until they’re dealt.

The table below showcases the biggest potential NBA trades that you can actively bet on at online sports betting sites. I’ve listed the player in question, where he’s favored to land, and my current 2024 NBA trade prediction.

PlayerFavored DestinationPrediction
Trae YoungLakers (+110)Spurs (+250)
Michael Porter Jr.Lakers (+500)Magic (+800)
Karl-Anthony TownsPelicans (+500)Warriors (+800)
Chris PaulLakers (+300)Lakers (+300)
Steph CurrySpurs (+200)Heat (+800)
Kevin DurantThunder (+300)Knicks (+400)
Brandon IngramHawks (+300)Hawks (+300)

NBA Trade Deadline 2024 Predictions

Depending on the player discussed, there are a lot of odds out for potential landing spots.

Naturally, you’ll be more interested in and feel more confident about certain players. Before you start placing bets on my NBA trade predictions for 2024, I’ll offer a little more analysis for all of my NBA picks.

Trae Young Trade Prediction

If you’re interested in grabbing sports handicapping picks for any NBA player this off-season, I’d probably start with Trae Young. He’s the biggest name actively being shopped at the moment, and it’s starting to look like he actually could be dealt.

The Lakers are currently in the lead as far as odds go. I can see why they’d want to make a move for one of the league’s best young point guards, but I’m not entirely sure what they can give up to land him.

A number of teams have a major need at the lead guard spot. The one that may be in great position to actually swing for the fences and get better in a hurry might be the Spurs, though.

San Antonio may want to accelerate their roster development in an effort to avoid impatience out of Victor Wembanyama. Acquiring a stud point guard could do just that. They also have the assets to make a splash trade, as they own two lottery picks in this year’s draft, and have some solid prospects already on their roster they could include in trade packages.

Pick: Spurs (+250)

Michael Porter Jr. Trade Prediction

MPJ was part of a dominant run to an NBA title with the Denver Nuggets just two seasons ago. Now he’s suddenly involved in NBA trade rumors. A poor playoff showing has a lot to do with that, while his mental state stemming from his brother’s gambling scandal also didn’t do him any favors.

It’s not impossible to think Denver could be interested in starting fresh and allowing MPJ to get his mind right somewhere else. The Nuggets have intriguing talent wasting away on their bench, while Porter Jr.’s history of back injuries could feasibly curb his long-term upside.

I’m not entirely sold on MPJ being moved just yet, but if he is traded, the Magic make too much sense. They are involved in Klay Thompson free agency rumors, but trading for a better defender and comparable scorer like MPJ might be the better idea.

Pick: Magic (+800)

Karl-Anthony Towns Trade Prediction

It feels weird to talk about the Minnesota Timberwolves trading Karl-Anthony Towns. After all, he was a huge reason why they reached the Western Conference Finals this past season.

Of course, Towns has seen it all, so suddenly being traded probably wouldn’t surprise him.

As good as he is, it may not be the best idea to keep him and Rudy Gobert paired together for much longer. Should the Minnesota brass agree, they could dangle KAT in trades, seeing as he’s their second best trade chip other than superstar Anthony Edwards.

There isn’t a great need among contending teams for a huge star who can shoot from outside, but it’s not like KAT has no value. A few teams would offer a solid package, with Golden State standing out as one of them.

Think of it as Golden State’s one last gasp to remain relevant in the Steph Curry era.

Pick: Warriors (+800)

Chris Paul Trade Prediction

One NBA player that wouldn’t be surprising to be moved is the ageless Chris Paul. CP3 actually did begin to show his age this past season, but the near-40-year-old is still on the books for $30 million next year.

Naturally, the Warriors would love to get out of that contract, one way or another. Should the Dubs start a fire sale and blow up their roster, it could maybe happen. However, few teams can see an expensive and geriatric CP3 as a plus at this point.

My guess is he isn’t traded at all, simply because he costs too much. If he does get moved, of course, a banana boat reunion with King James in L.A. might be the most logical pivot.

Pick: Lakers (+300)

Steph Curry Trade Prediction

I don’t know why, but another guy I can’t envision being moved this season (or maybe ever) is Chef Curry. CP3 is old and Klay Thompson seems washed, so those guys I can see being dealt, sure.

But Steph Curry? The multi-MVP and title-winning Golden State icon? This is the dude who basically beat Boston on his own two years ago.

I’d need quite the sales pitch to buy it. In fact, short of Curry flat out coming out and publicly demanding a trade, I don’t think I’d project it.

That said, Curry is on the wrong side of 35 and he’s owed a ton of money. He could easily remain an elite scorer for another four years, but if the Dubs are fully rebuilding, perhaps it’s time for all parties to agree to pull the plug.

If that is something everyone agrees to, I like Miami as the best spot. This assumes Jimmy Butler is in the know and stays in South Beach. Curry would net Miami the star point guard they’ve been craving, and it’d put Curry and Butler back in the NBA Finals conversation.

Pick: Heat (+800)

Kevin Durant Trade Prediction

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. You know you’re getting old when you start making NBA trade predictions surrounding iconic legends like Curry and KD. But here we are, as Kevin Durant has not made any progress in trying to will the Phoenix Suns to a title.

Phoenix has made a big coaching change with the hire of Mike Budenholzer and their roster remains stacked. However, Durant is now 35 years old and his injuries have been piling up in recent seasons. Could Phoenix sell him now for all he’s worth? It sure feels possible.

The Suns could still stand pat and hope injecting a new voice gives them a better shot. Or they could shop KD and pull a big haul from a team like the Knicks. New York appears to be in win-now mode, but they also have quite a few assets they could throw Phoenix’s way.

My guess is the Suns don’t find a deal they love this year. But if they do, I think sending KD to the Madison Square Garden is the most inviting option for both sides.

Pick: Knicks (+400)

Brandon Ingram Trade Prediction

Last, but not necessarily least, is the status of Brandon Ingram. While a solid talent who can score at a high level, health concerns and an inability to reach true superstar status has him in career limbo.

Ingram can no doubt pace a team in scoring and make an impact, but can he do so for a championship contender? The Pels don’t seem convinced, as the team has reportedly been dangling his name in trade talks.

If the franchise doesn’t view him as the ideal complement to Zion Williamson, it could be time for him to be moved. A versatile forward with elite scoring ability, Ingram truly fits with half the league. However, the Hawks could be in the market for another scorer if they move Trae Young, so they make good sense at +300.

Pick: Hawks (+300)

Other NBA Players That Could Be Traded

  • Donovan Mitchell, SG, Cavaliers
  • Lauri Markkanen, PF, Jazz
  • Zach LaVine, SG, Bulls

I could go on and on, as nobody is truly off limits from being traded in the NBA. I don’t want to guess or assume too much, but we do know all is not completely right in Cleveland.

That may create tension for someone like Spida, who has seemingly had an eye for an exit. Could a move to a bigger pond like New York be in his future? I wouldn’t rule it out.

Markkanen is another solid player who can score at a high level and is regarded as a quality All-Star talent, but he’s stuck on a rebuilding Utah roster. If the Jazz don’t see a playoff window around the corner, they could sell him for all he’s worth now.

The guy most likely to get traded on this list is undeniably LaVine. He’s had health issues and has been stuck in mediocrity with Chicago. It’s arguable he can’t be a top-two player for his team to thrive, but it’s possible a contender could add him as a third option to get them over the hump.

Betting on 2024 NBA Trades

You can bet on who will get traded in the NBA all year long, but it’s worth pointing out that the most active periods are the summer and right before the deadline.

Some of my favorite 2024 NBA trade predictions could actually fall quite early – either during or not too long after this year’s draft.

Trae Young is heating up as perhaps the biggest domino of all. Oddly enough, what transpires in NBA Free Agency could also dictate what trades do (or don’t) come to fruition.

My advice? Keep an eye on the latest NBA trade rumors and NBA betting odds. Be sure to target logical landing spots that offer solid betting value, too. Or you can just roll with my picks above. Either way, I wish you luck!

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