2024 WWE Clash at the Castle Odds and Predictions


On Saturday, June 15, 2024, WWE will be live from the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, for their latest PPV – Clash at the Castle: Scotland. This is the promotion’s first ever PPV in Scotland and it should come as no surprise that Drew McIntyre is the face of the event.

The former world champion is a native Scotlander, and you can expect a raucous crowd of fellow countrymen to cheer him on this weekend as he battles Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship. This is just one of a handful of world title matches to be featured on the PPV card, and McIntyre is one of a handful of Scotts competing in their home country.

As always, the WWE will have some late additions to the lineup along with a few last-minute surprises. Let’s take a look at the latest WWE odds for this event and make our Clash at the Castle predictions.

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How To Watch WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland

This WWE Premium Live Event (PLE) is available via Peacock’s streaming service. This platform has been the home for WWE PLEs, also referred to as PPVs, since the spring of 2021. International viewers can still catch the PLEs on the WWE Network.

A Kickoff Show will begin at a local time of 4 pm BST, which is 11 am ET. Viewers on the West Coast will have to get up at 8 am PT to catch the preshow. The main card will begin at 5 pm BST, 12 pm ET, and 9 am PT.

WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland Card

The following matches have been confirmed as of this writing.

Clash at the Castle MatchesBetting FavoritePrediction
(c)Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre (-225)Damian Priest (+160)
(c)Bayley vs. Piper NivenBayley (-3000)Bayley (-3000)
(c)Sami Zayn vs. Chad GableChad Gable (-190)Sami Zayn (+140)
(c)Cody Rhodes vs. AJ StylesCody Rhodes (-3000)Cody Rhodes (-3000)
(c)Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn vs. Shay Baszler and Zoey StarkJade Cargill and Bianca Belair (-2000)Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair (-2000)

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

  • (c)Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill (-2000)
  • Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn (+700)
  • Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark (NA)

As of this writing, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark don’t have any betting odds. The duo won a fatal four-way match on the May 20th episode of RAW to become the top contender to the Women’s Tag Team Championships. They received their title shots on the May 27th episode of RAW but the match ended in a disqualification when The Unholy Union’s Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn interfered.

Later that week, all three teams would be seen brawling on SmackDown, which set up a triple-threat match for this weekend’s PPV.

Fyre and Dawn are Scottish-born wrestlers, just like Drew McIntyre. Unfortunately, they’re going up against the tag champs who are also two of the most popular stars in the entire women’s division – Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair.

It’s fair to say that the WWE has dropped the ball with Fyre and Dawn. This talented team has been largely irrelevant in the women’s division since joining the main roster nearly one year ago. Don’t let their Scottish descent fool you here. There’s no possible way that Belair and Cargill are dropping the belts this weekend.

In fact, the tag champs could see a lengthy title reign for two reasons. The first reason is that Belair can help protect Cargill’s in-ring deficiencies, as the latter is still acclimating to the WWE style. The second reason is that these two superstars bring a lot of credibility to the tag belts and can show up on either WWE show and bring some star power to the women’s roster.

There’s no value in betting on the champs, but this is a safe Clash at the Castle prediction.

WWE Bet: (c)Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill (-2000)

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

  • (c)Sami Zayn (+140)
  • Chad Gable (-190)

Some would argue that this is the top storyline in the WWE today. It’s hard to disagree, as this feud has many layers of in-ring storytelling and real-life mystery.

For the last few weeks, Gable’s status with the WWE has been up in the air due to reports of his contract expiring soon. However, as we get closer to Clash at the Castle, rumors are heating up that Gable has either signed a new contract or is about to. But will his contract status have any impact on the outcome of this match?

In the ring, this rivalry has been ongoing since mid-April. These two men have been at war for the last few months and it should culminate in this weekend’s Intercontinental Championship match. This storyline has seen Gable go from a beloved star to a nasty heel with his vicious behavior towards Zayn and his degradation of The Alpha Academy members.

A third layer of this story is Alpha Academy member Otis. He’s been at the center of Gable’s humiliations and punishments. The WWE Universe is salivating over the possibility of Otis snapping and taking out Gable. Otis has teased fighting back against Gable a few times but has yet to let his fists fly. Other members, like Dupri and Tozawa, have already distanced themselves from Gable.

Gable is favored to win this match, but I have a hard time seeing Zayn drop the belt after just a two-month title reign. Keep in mind, it was Zayn who defeated Gunther at WM XL in April and ended the latter’s record-breaking Intercontinental Title run.

More than likely, this weekend’s IC title match is going to set up Otis’ turn on Gable and the big man’s push into singles competition once again. The crowd will eat this up as Otis is a lovable character. Take Zayn’s plus-money odds, as he’s the one underdog on this PPV with the best chance at winning.

WWE Bet: Sami Zayn (+140)

WWE Women’s Championship Match

  • (c)Bayley (-3000)
  • Piper Niven (+900)

Like with The Unholy Union and McIntyre, Piper Niven is a Scottish-born wrestler. It’s clear that the WWE has stacked this card with wrestlers from Scotland to get the fans further engaged in the show and to probably reward these stars with a PPV bout in their home country.

Niven and her associate Chelsea Green have been after Bayley for the last month. This feud started off with a disagreement over Bayley’s excitement for the Queen of the Ring tournament. Green and Niven took offense to the champ’s excitement over Jade Cargill. Niven would go on to lose to Cargill, which only fueled her anger towards Bayley.

The champ would defeat Green on the May 24th episode of SmackDown in a non-title bout. The following week, Green and Niven would attack Bayley and then defeat her in a tag-team match later in the show. Soon after this, a match was announced between Bayley and Niven in the latter’s home country.

As cool as it would be to see Niven win the title, it’s not going to happen. Like with Zayn, Bayley captured the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania by defeating Iyo Sky in what was the culmination of a yearlong storyline.

Having Bayley drop the belt two months later would be like a popular TV show killing off a character in a season finale just to find out in the next season’s premiere that it was all a dream sequence. Yeah, this kind of silly writing does happen in Hollywood and the WWE as well. But I don’t see it happening this weekend.

Bayley is on a collision course with Nia Jax at SummerSlam. Jax won the Queen of the Ring tournament and poses a monster threat to Bayley’s title. Niven has yet to cement herself on the same level as Jax and Bayley. Unfortunately, that’s not Niven’s fault as you can chalk it up to inconsistent booking by the WWE.

Take Bayley to retain her title in Scotland and add more tears to the Scotts, who continue to see their native stars lose.

WWE Bet: Bayley (-3000)

Undisputed WWE Championship “I Quit” Match

  • (c)Cody Rhodes (-3000)
  • AJ Styles

For the second time in the last three PLEs/PPVs, Cody Rhodes will defend his championship against AJ Styles. Rhodes and Styles battled at Backlash France on May 4th, which was an incredible match between the two. To the surprise of no one, Rhodes won the match.

A few weeks later, Styles requested another title shot but was denied by SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis. On the May 31st episode of SmackDown, Styles appeared to be on his way to announcing his retirement in the ring. He was also going to pass the proverbial torch to Rhodes. After a solid acting performance by Styles, the Phenomenal One would brutally attack Rhodes to set up this title match in Scottland.

However, there was one more twist added to this feud, and it was Rhodes demanding that the title rematch be an “I Quit” bout. These two stars have an incredible chemistry in the ring, and I fully expect another excellent encounter. It’s actually amazing to think about how their Backlash bout was the first time they’ve actually wrestled each other.

As for this weekend’s bout, there’s no possible way that the WWE will pull the title from Rhodes after he finally defeated Roman Reigns at WM XL. That victory was the culmination of a two-year storyline, and I fully expect Rhodes to run with this belt for the rest of 2024. It wouldn’t surprise me if he held the title until next year’s WrestleMania.

I would love to see a scenario where Styles doesn’t say “I Quit”. Perhaps they do something where Styles passes out from blood loss or a submission hold. This could leave the storyline open for a third encounter, which fans would certainly enjoy.

Let’s play it safe here and stick with the massive favorite in Cody Rhodes retaining the belt. There’s no need to play fantasy booking when it comes to our money.

WWE Bet: Cody Rhodes (-3000)

World Heavyweight Championship Match

  • (c)Damian Priest (+160)
  • Drew McIntyre (-225)

Despite Drew McIntyre being the overwhelming fan favorite for this match, as he fights in his home country, this bout is the most difficult to predict. There are two distinct possible outcomes for this contest and we must dissect them both before placing any WWE wagers.

This match has multiple layers, just like the Zayn vs. Gable bout. McIntyre has been in a heated rivalry with CM Punk since January, which has spanned both TV and social media. With Punk on the shelf due to an injury, their rivalry has still intensified through the war of written and spoken words.

Punk cost McIntyre the championship at WM XL after the latter won the title. Punk attacked McIntyre, which lead to Damian Priest coming out and cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Priest would win the title and send McIntyre into the history books with the shortest title reign.

A rematch between the two was put on hold due to a McIntyre elbow injury. However, once he was healed, the bout was scheduled for Clash at the Castle: Scottland. But with Priest’s Judgement Day stablemates always stacking the odds in his favor, McIntyre found a way to outsmart this group.

On the June 10th episode of RAW, McIntyre defeated Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and won a stipulation to be added to the world title match at Clash at the Castle. This stipulation now bans all members of The Judgement Day from being ringside.

Now that the table has been set let’s circle back to the dissection of these two possible outcomes for this match. The first outcome is that McIntyre defeats Priest and ends the show celebrating with his fellow countrymen in what would be a “storybook moment.” This is certainly a fan-favorite option, as McIntyre is a very popular superstar, especially in Scottland.

Will CM Punk Interfere in The Match?

  • Yes (-300)
  • No (+200)

The second possible outcome for this match is that CM Punk interferes and costs McIntyre the title once again. Is there a better environment for Punk to be a heel than Scottland on Saturday? A Punk appearance would certainly draw the ire of the Scottish crowd.

Additionally, Punk interfering in the match would intensify this rivalry even further. The latest issue between the two was a shot that McIntyre took at Punk after NXT Women’s Champ Roxanne Perez called Punk a hypocrite. McIntyre didn’t let this opportunity pass by without taking a social media shot at Punk.

You can bet that Punk and the WWE won’t let this opportunity on Saturday go by without an appearance by “The Best in the World.”

For this prop bet, take the Yes option as it would be a colossal mistake if Punk doesn’t show up and try to interfere.

WWE Bet: Yes (-300)

Who Wins Between McIntyre and Priest?

Now that we’ve dissected both possible outcomes, it’s time to predict a winner for this World Heavyweight Championship match.

As cool as it would be to see McIntyre stand tall in a sea of Scotts cheering him on, it’s even cooler to see CM Punk cost McIntyre the title once again. By the time Punk is fully healed and ready for a match, his feud with McIntyre will be the most talked about story in the WWE and a must-see encounter.

The intensity of this feud would be taken to another level if Punk interferes and McIntyre loses. And I believe that will be the outcome of this world title bout on Saturday. Let’s play the long game here and go with Priest winning the belt due to help from Punk.

WWE Bet: Damian Priest (+160)

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