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The Bears allowed the most points per game (27.2) of all NFL teams in 2022. That will most certainly be addressed in the offseason and in the upcoming draft. Chicago will have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and it’s likely they will target a premier edge pass rusher like Alabama’s Will Anderson.

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The Chicago Bears: A Century of Football Tradition and Legacy

In the annals of the National Football League (NFL), the Chicago Bears stand as one of the most iconic and storied franchises in the history of American sports. Established in 1920, the Bears have forged a rich tradition of football excellence, defining moments, and an enduring connection with their passionate fan base. This comprehensive article delves deep into the captivating history of the Chicago Bears, exploring their origins, legendary figures, memorable seasons, and the unwavering commitment that has shaped the franchise over the course of a century.

Origins and Early Years

The Chicago Bears, originally known as the Decatur Staleys, were founded in 1920 by the legendary George Halas, one of the pioneers of American football. The team’s early years were marked by a nomadic existence, as they played in various locations before settling in Chicago in 1921. It was in Chicago that the team adopted the name “Bears,” a nod to the city’s baseball team, the Cubs.

The George Halas Era: The Architect of Greatness

George Halas, often referred to as “Papa Bear,” was not only the founder but also the driving force behind the Chicago Bears for several decades. Halas served as a player, coach, and owner, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise.

Under Halas’ leadership, the Bears achieved their first NFL championship in 1921 and went on to secure six more titles during his tenure as head coach. His innovative strategies and dedication to the game earned him a place among the NFL’s greatest coaching legends.

The Monsters of the Midway: A Defensive Legacy

The Chicago Bears have long been associated with dominant defense, earning them the moniker “Monsters of the Midway.” This reputation was solidified during the 1940 NFL season when the Bears boasted one of the most formidable defenses in history.

Led by coach Halas and featuring stars like Bulldog Turner and George McAfee, the Bears cruised to a dominant season, culminating in a 73-0 victory over the Washington Redskins in the NFL Championship Game. To this day, it remains one of the most lopsided victories in NFL history.

The 1963 NFL Championship: A Memorable Triumph

One of the highlights in the history of the Chicago Bears came in 1963 when they secured their eighth NFL championship. Coach Halas, at the age of 68, guided the Bears to a memorable victory against the New York Giants.

This championship marked the end of a championship drought that had lasted for over two decades, and it served as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bears’ franchise.

Walter Payton: The Heart and Soul of the Bears

No discussion of the Chicago Bears is complete without paying tribute to the iconic Walter Payton, often regarded as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. Payton, affectionately known as “Sweetness,” was a symbol of excellence, resilience, and dedication to the game.

Throughout his illustrious career, Payton set numerous records, including becoming the NFL’s all-time leading rusher. His impact extended beyond the field, as he was known for his philanthropic efforts and contributions to the Chicago community.

The 1985 Chicago Bears: A Team for the Ages

The pinnacle of the Chicago Bears’ success came during the 1985 NFL season when they assembled one of the most dominant teams in NFL history. Coached by Mike Ditka and anchored by a ferocious defense, the Bears steamrolled through the regular season with a 15-1 record.

In Super Bowl XX, the Bears delivered a masterful performance, dismantling the New England Patriots 46-10. This iconic team featured stars like Jim McMahon, Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, and William “Refrigerator” Perry, etching their names in NFL lore.

The Ditka Era and the “Super Bowl Shuffle”

Coach Mike Ditka, a larger-than-life figure, was the driving force behind the 1985 Bears. His fiery demeanor and leadership style resonated with the team, and under his guidance, the Bears became a powerhouse in the NFL.

The “Super Bowl Shuffle,” a music video featuring Bears players rapping about their championship aspirations, became an anthem of that historic season. It encapsulated the swagger and charisma of the 1985 Bears and remains an enduring symbol of their success.

The Chicago Bears in the Modern Era

While the Chicago Bears have experienced ebbs and flows in their performance over the years, they have maintained a passionate and loyal fan base. The team has continued to produce notable players and moments, such as the legendary Brian Urlacher and the “Double-Doink” playoff victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019.

The franchise’s commitment to its traditions, including the iconic navy and orange uniforms and the echoing roars of “Bear Down,” continues to resonate with fans who cherish the team’s enduring legacy.

Soldier Field: A Historic Home

Soldier Field, the historic home of the Chicago Bears, stands as an architectural marvel and a symbol of the franchise’s deep roots in the city. The stadium, with its iconic colonnades, has witnessed countless historic moments and remains a hallowed ground for Bears fans.

Community Engagement and Philanthropy

The Chicago Bears have always maintained a strong commitment to their community. Through initiatives like the “Bears Care” program, the team has made significant contributions to local charities and causes, leaving a positive impact beyond the field.

The Future of the Chicago Bears

As the Chicago Bears navigate the ever-competitive landscape of the NFL, they remain committed to their tradition of excellence. With a new generation of talent, including quarterback Justin Fields, and a dedicated fan base, the Bears look forward to writing new chapters in their storied history.


The Chicago Bears’ century-long journey in the NFL is a tale of triumph, tradition, and an enduring connection with their city and fans. From the early days under George Halas to the dominant 1985 team and the modern era, the Bears have left an indelible mark on the league’s history.

As they move forward, the Chicago Bears carry with them a legacy built on a commitment to excellence, a storied tradition, and an unwavering passion for the game. Their century of football has been a testament to the enduring power of sports to inspire and unite communities, and fans eagerly await the next chapter in the franchise’s storied history.

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Chicago Bears Schedule

Pre Season

Week Date Opponent Result
Week 1 Date: Sat 12/08/2023 Opponent: Tennessee Titans Result: W 23-17
Week 2 Date: Sat 19/08/2023 Opponent: Indianapolis Colts Result: L 17-24
Week 3 Date: Sat 26/08/2023 Opponent: Buffalo Bills Result: L 21-24

Regular Season

Week Date Opponent Result
Week 1 Date: Sun 10/09/2023 Opponent: Green Bay Packers Result: L 20-38
Week 2 Date: Sun 17/09/2023 Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Result: L 17-27
Week 3 Date: Sun 24/09/2023 Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs Result: L 10-41
Week 4 Date: Sun 01/10/2023 Opponent: Denver Broncos Result: L 28-31
Week 5 Date: Thu 05/10/2023 Opponent: Washington Commanders Result: W 40-20
Week 6 Date: Sun 15/10/2023 Opponent: Minnesota Vikings Result: L 13-19
Week 7 Date: Sun 22/10/2023 Opponent: Las Vegas Raiders Result: W 30-12
Week 8 Date: Sun 29/10/2023 Opponent: L.A. Chargers Result: L 13-30
Week 9 Date: Sun 05/11/2023 Opponent: New Orleans Saints Result: L 17-24
Week 10 Date: Thu 09/11/2023 Opponent: Carolina Panthers Result: W 16-13
Week 11 Date: Sun 19/11/2023 Opponent: Detroit Lions Result: L 26-31
Week 12 Date: Mon 27/11/2023 Opponent: Minnesota Vikings Result: W 12-10
Week 13 Date: BYE Opponent: BYE Result: BYE
Week 14 Date: Sun 10/12/2023 Opponent: Detroit Lions Result: W 28-13
Week 15 Date: Sun 17/12/2023 Opponent: Cleveland Browns Result: L 17-20
Week 16 Date: Sun 24/12/2023 Opponent: Arizona Cardinals Result: W 27-16
Week 17 Date: Sun 31/12/2023 Opponent: Atlanta Falcons Result: W 37-17
Week 18 Date: Sun 07/01/2024 Opponent: Green Bay Packers Result: L 9-17

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