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How to Bet on the NHL

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. NHL betting is behind the other big three sports leagues (NFL, NBA and MLB) in the United States, but betting on the NHL is growing in popularity. The NHL is also popular in European countries, such as Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our goal is to teach as many sports bettors as we can how to bet on the NHL. Our hockey experts have released countless NHL betting guides teaching newcomers the intricacies of the sport. You’ll be able to learn about the popular NHL betting markets, advanced statistics and more in our guides.

We’ll now explain how to understand odds, which is the first step to learning how to bet on the NHL.

NHL Odds Explained

Here’s how NHL moneyline, puck line and game total odds work:

  • NHL Moneyline Odds: Toronto Maple Leafs (-135) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (+115)

NHL odds are easy to understand. With the moneyline, the team with negative (-) odds is the favorite and the team with positive (+) odds is the underdog. Negative odds equal how much you need to bet to win $100 (Bet $135 on Maple Leafs to Win $100), while positive odds equal how much you’ll win on a $100 bet (Bet $100 on the Lightning to Win $115). Once you understand this, reading NHL odds is simple.

  • NHL Puck Line Odds: Toronto Maple Leafs -1.5 (+170) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning +1.5 (-205)

The puck line is similar to a point spread. In the NHL, puck lines are always -1.5/+1.5. The favorite will have the -1.5 puck line, which means they need to win the game by two or more goals. If you bet on the underdog at +1.5 goals, the bet will win if the team wins or loses by just one goal.

  • NHL Game Total Odds: Over 6.5 Goals (-110) vs. Under 6.5 Goals (-110)

Game total bets require you to predict how many goals both teams will combine to score. In our example, a bet on the over will win if both teams combine to score seven or more goals. The under will win if both teams combine to score six or fewer goals. The odds will generally be -110/-110 on both sides or close.

NHL Betting Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Here are a few NHL betting tips and strategies to help beginners:

  • Starting Goalies: One of the first things you should do every morning when analyzing the odds is check out the starting goalies for the day. In the NHL, back-up goalies will typically play in 15-30 games every regular season. Targeting overs when back-ups are playing is often a good bet.
  • NHL Betting Trends: Tracking NHL betting trends will help you identify NHL best bets. Teams in the NHL often go on hot and cold streaks. Some teams have historically dominated other teams. You can also utilize NHL betting trends when betting on markets like player props.
  • NHL Statistics: There are lots of advanced NHL statistics and metrics utilized by bettors today. Some of the advanced NHL stats you’ll want to learn about include Corsi (CF / CA), Fenwick (FF / FA), expected goals (xGF / xGA), scoring chances (SCF / SCA) and PDO.

NHL Best Bets at ScoresAndStats All Season

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NHL Best Bets FAQ

How does NHL betting work?

NHL betting is simple, but varies depending upon the market. The easiest way to bet on the NHL is on the moneyline, which requires you to predict which team will win a game (overtime included). However, you’ll need to quickly learn how implied probability works to ensure you’re getting value on the bets you place.

Does overtime count in NHL betting?

Generally, overtime is included on most bets, such as the moneyline, puck line and totals. However, there are regulation time only betting markets, which don’t include overtime, but they’ll be clearly marked. When you like a big favorite, you can get better odds by betting on that team to win in regulation (no overtime).

Where can I bet on the NHL online?

All sportsbooks will have NHL odds available. Some sportsbooks will have limited NHL betting markets, though. For example, some bookies don’t offer NHL player props. It’s important to have accounts with multiple sportsbooks, so that you can shop for the best odds and have the biggest selection of bet types.

Can I bet on multiple NHL best bets on the same wager?

Yes. A “parlay” is a type of NHL bet that allows you to wager on multiple selections on the same wager, but all selections need to win or the bet will lose. Several sportsbooks now have same-game parlays for the NHL, which will allow you to bet on multiple outcomes from the same game taking place. If you expect lots of scoring, you could bet on the over and a team total on an NHL same-game parlay.

What is the Grand Salami in NHL betting?

The grand salami is a fun bet that NHL fans love. There are two ways to bet on this market. The first way is betting on home teams or away teams to score the most goals that day. The second way is to bet on whether all NHL games in a day will combine to score over or under the grand salami goal total. If there are ten games on the schedule, the grand salami goal total might be set at 60.5 goals. If you expect lots of goals, you can bet on the over. If all ten games combine for 61+ goals, you’ll win the bet.