Ace Offers Full Mobile and Tablet Betting Support

Ace Offers Full Mobile and Tablet Betting Support

Handheld devices basically control mobile users’ everyday lives when it comes to performing a number of tasks. This fairly new phenomenon of online technology is radically changing the way many companies conduct business these days. This trend is only going to broaden heading into a new decade. This trend is already the future of the online sports betting industry.

The days of old-school sports bettors calling in their picks is coming to an end. The use of a desktop or laptop computer to run an online betting account is also on the decline. A handheld mobile device with internet access is becoming the method of choice when it comes to betting sports online.

When it comes to pay per head sites offering this type of technology to private bookies, Ace Per Head as already taken the lead with a highly sophisticated mobile betting platform. By staying way out in front of the advanced technology involved with mobile capabilities, Ace has quickly risen to the top of the list as the clear choice for today’s progressive online bookmaker.

Ace Per Head Mobile Bookie Benefits

It stands to reason that if your sports betting customer based is well-versed in mobile applications that you have watched your overall bookie business also evolve over the years. Mobile betting apps make you more mobile as a bookie agent.



Spending time behind a desktop or laptop computer only cuts into your face time in front of the general betting public. There are any number of ways to market your bookmaking services these days. The added mobile capabilities add some valuable efficiencies to the process.

Another important benefit is a real time mobile dashboard that can quickly summarize every important aspect of your business.

Knowing where the action is going for tonight’s big game when it happens, gives you the necessary insight to moving lines and changing your betting board. Even more important, is the instant ability to make those changes from your mobile device.

Ace Per Head Mobile Sports Bettors Benefits

The biggest edge you have over the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and attention to detail you can provide. As strong as your inter-personal people skills may be, you still need the right tools to capitalize on this edge.

Instant communication with any of your betting cliental goes along way towards building customer loyalty.

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When a customer knows that you genuinely care about their business and you are willing to go to any extreme to meet their needs, you probably just earned a customer for life.

By instantly handling questions, concerns and pressing issues, you are setting yourself up for long-term success in what is quickly turning into a very competitive business environment.

state-of-the-art mobile betting platform also helps to level the playing field against the competition. In business since the dawn of online sports betting back in the late 1990’s, Ace is owned and operated by industry experts that have the financial wear-with-all to keep that playing field level. Their overall operating system would rival what the biggest offshore books are using to power their million-dollar online betting platform.

By marketing yourself as a full-service online bookmaker that is ahead of the technological curve, you are maximizing the value in the already low weekly per head fee paid for this bookie software solutions package. Your customers will recognize the difference from the minute they log on to Ace’s mobile app.