Best Betting Options for the 2021 NCAAF Championship Game

College football fans, this one is going to be a barnburner, this game is going to be one for the ages. Buckle up for a ton of scoring, not a lot of defense, and playmakers making plays all game long. This thing is going to be fun, fast, and the best championship game that we will have witnessed in a long time.

(#1) Alabama vs. (#3) Ohio State Preview

Alabama Crimson Tide 12-0 - Ohio State Buckeyes 7-0

Hard Rock Stadium Miami Gardens, FL

8:00 PM ET, ESPN

Line: Alabama -8, O/U 75

Do you have an online sportsbook? If so, is it a good sportsbook and are they offering all of the many ways to bet this game? What about reliability, is your bookie treating you right, and do they pay you when you beat them? Do they pay you quickly and with no hassle? Every seasoned sports bettor has more than one sportsbook, they have several. You should have several and they should be loaded with money and ready to go. Don’t delay, get busy now. Find some great online sportsbooks and have them ready for this game.

No matter how you like to bet, find a bookmaker that appeals to your options. Find one that offers a vast wagering menu set on a sleek user interface that’s easy to use. If you love betting live lines and dynamic lines, then a great interface will mean everything. You must be quick when you bet and have the numbers worked out, then pull the trigger. The best online sportsbook will give you a great interface to work with that allows you to easily place your bets and place them quickly.

College Football Betting Lines

Look at the totals in this game. You may not realize it, but you have options with the totals such as the first half total, the second half total, and even quarter totals. We expect this game to score a lot of points and that means the ball will be flying early. Alabama scores 48.2 points per game, and Ohio State scores 43.4 points per game. Ohio State outduels Alabama in total yards - 544.9 to 535.0. They are both neck and neck on the stat lines for offense and defense. In a game such as this one, defense flies out the window. Alabama will let it all hang out and they will game plan to outscore the Buckeyes.

Not only can you bet game totals, quarter totals, first half and second half totals, but you can also bet team totals. Want more? We have more… Don’t forget the game lines, do you like Alabama at -8? This is a lot of points to give. We suggest buying your way down if you are convinced that Nick Saban can’t be beaten. This will be a close game, but points, and you can buy them on either team.

NCAA Football Playoffs Predictions

You will have the option to bet the first half spread on either team, the second half spread, and there will be many great prop bets for you to choose from, such as “first to score”, “longest field goal”, “longest pass from scrimmage”, longest run…. There will also be player props. This is a fun and exciting way to bet if you don’t have a rooting interest in the outcome of the game. Who will throw for more yards, who will run for the most yards, who will catch for the most yards, and on and on this list of great prop bets go?

Find your online college football bookmaker, get in early, and have fun betting this game. We expect it to be close, to go to the wire, and to be high scoring. Nick Saban is hard to eat but this Ohio State team is special and they can play with anybody at any time. If anybody can beat Alabama, it’s this Buckeyes team.

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