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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it, and we are all currently living through a time that is momentous and will be forever apart of history.

How long it takes to get thru this pandemic or to create a vaccine for this deadly flu, is anyone’s guess, and as a result governments around the world are taking unprecedented measures to help limit the spread of this disease.

As a result numerous businessschools and sports are suspended until it becomes safe for people to start going back to their normal lives.

Every industry in the world has been affected by this pandemic, including the national pass time of watching and enjoying sports. Sports and sports gambling are a multibillion-dollar industry that have both been severely interrupted. The MLB for example is trying to put a plan in place to get spring training or even the season back sometime in May, and play all games in an Arizona area that has not been as severely hit by the virus.

There are still plenty of logistics to figure out to make that become a reality, and we also need to start seeing the number of cases and deaths decline for that to even be a possibility.

However, that is not going to stop people from wanting to make some type of wagers on something they can bet on with the chance of winning money. As a result one of the more popular pay per head companies in the market is thinking outside the box and will put some extra focus on offering betting options on simulated video games, which is free from the reaches of the virus.

Ace Per Head will be offering betting options on full game1st half, and 1st quarter on NBA2K20 simulation video games, that can also be watched live directly from each player’s account, on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop. The schedule of these games are going to be based on when the NBA put their current season on hold on March 11th.

On Monday April 13th will feature the NBA games that were supposed to be played on March 11th. Then on Tuesday April 14th Ace will have the games available to bet that were scheduled to be played on March 12th and so on.

The games will be scheduled to be staggered throughout the day, which is designed to entice higher betting volumes for each player. Instead of the normal NBA games that have multiple games playing at the same time and all starting in the evening, Ace Per Head will have these games beginning as early as 8:30 am in the morning with each game scheduled an hour and half apart.

Since these are simulation video games, they do not take the normal 3 hours that an NBA game would take, do to numerous commercials and timeouts. Instead these SIM NBA games only last roughly an hour, which makes for quicker grades on wagers for each game, and the opportunity for players to bet and watch each game one at a time. Again this is designed to encourage bettors to stay on the website and bet throughout the day, which will lead to more overall profits for agents booking action.

So give a call day at 1-800-909-5193 so you can offer your players the exclusive NBA2K20 rest of the season that can only be bet and watched on Ace.

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