How to Switch to Ace Per Head

Any private bookmaking agent that is not satisfied with their current pay per head provider should use the current downtime to make a change. Even if you are somewhat satisfied with the pay per head products and services you currently have, it is going to take to best of the best to help execute an effective and impactful bookie business recovery plan.

More than a few bookie agents have already made the switch to Ace Per Head. Working side by side with independent bookmakers just like yourself since 1998, the sports betting experts at Ace know exactly what it takes to be successful running and managing your own bookie operation.


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This is a bookie services provider that also knows it is going to take the right products and a higher level of business support to get your bookie operation back on track. The current situation may still look bleak, but the future of the online sports betting industry has never looked brighter.

Three Easy Steps to Switch to Ace

Ace is so confident in its ability to improve your overall bookie business, it has set up a simple three-step process to get you up and running in no time. The entire process consists of:

> Registering your business account

> Scheduling a virtual meeting with a professional designated account manager

> Sitting back while Ace takes care of everything else

The entire process can be completed in a matter of hours. The transfer of data may take a bit longer with larger customer databases. Having fast and easy access to your own designated account manager ensures a smooth changeover.

You will still play an active role in setting up your business as far as account profiles, wager options, betting and credit limits etc. The role of your designated account manager is to let Ace do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting everything set up and ready to go, making them turnkey sportsbook software leaders.

Creating an Upgraded Online Business Presence

You will also work with Ace to create a highly professional online business presence. Your existing customers will appreciate the fresh new look and ease of use of your online betting portal. This is especially true for customers using the advanced mobile betting platform.

More importantly, your new enhanced business look suddenly becomes your most effective marketing tool for building and expanding your customer base. The road to recovery is paved with active and avid sports bettors looking to get back into the game.

By creating a highly professional business image offering a full line of online gambling products, you will put yourself in the best position to attract additional sports bettors that fit into your current business model.

Creating the Right Pay Per Head Plan for Your Business Needs

What really sets Ace apart from the competition is the customized approach its takes to the pay per head plans offered. You only have to pay for what you need, with no hidden fees or added costs. The features offered are directly tied to the benefits they offer for your particular business. The best part, is right now, you can take advantage of Ace Per Head’s expanded free trial.

The customization process includes website design, a fully configurable betting board and continued internal business support. The end result is a cost-effective pay per head plan that can actually reduce overall costs while also maximizing bottom-line profit.