Take Advantage of Ace Per Head’s Expanded Free Trial

These are trying times in the sports betting industry but the light at the end of this unexpectedly long tunnel is getting brighter. If you are a private bookie running and managing your own independent bookmaking operation, the brightest light out there is Ace Per Head.

Keep an Open Mind

The longer-than-expected shutdown of live sports and sporting events have had a huge impact on sports betting. Ace has done an excellent job at keeping their bookie agent’s betting boards as filled as possible, including their bet and watch NBA2K20 Simulation. Until more than a few major betting sports are back to playing daily games, the slowdown will continue.

In an effort to make the best use of any added time on your hands, a thorough evaluation of your current pay per head bookie services provider is in your best business interests.

If you were fortunate enough to have Ace Per Head as your provider before this business crisis, planning for a full business recovery should be underway.

If you were not relying on Ace for all of your bookie services, now is the time to switch. You want to have everything in place now so you can hit the ground running when sports betting picks back up, and it is already starting to!

It is also not too late to take full advantage of Ace’s online software solutions for horse betting through an extended racebook or real money online gambling through a full-service casino app.

Improving Service While Reducing Costs

In a tough business environment, every penny saved is a penny earned.

Most private bookies do not spend enough time evaluating the true cost of their pay per head bookie services provider.

When daily betting action is flowing in, the biggest concern is balancing out that action to create the best return possible in your hold percentage and bottom-line profit. Ace has a proven set of business tools that can enhance that entire process. This, in turn, adds a tremendous amount of value to the already low weekly per head fee charged for active bettors.

With many pay per head sites, this is seen as an added cost against gross profit. Ace’s bookie agents have come to realize that the fees payed are for the proper tools to enhance hold percentage and net profit earned.

Free Bookie Software (9 Advantages) – Pay Per Head Sportsbook Free Trial

Free Service to Launch a Recovery Plan

The basic business model behind price per head is paying for what you use. If you have a larger group than usual of inactive sports bettors right now, at least they are not costing you anything. Too many bookies are now stuck with low volume weekly bettors that are barely covering their pay per head weekly cost.

Ace knows that things are tough out there. Signing on with their bookie services package right now automatically comes with a free, no obligation six-week trial.  This is a pay per head service that already knows just how comprehensive and turnkey their bookie services are.

They are also willing to provide an extended six week trial to let you thoroughly test drive everything they have to offer.

The timing of this offer could not be better as part of your overall recovery plan.

By not having to pay any weekly per head fees for the next six weeks, you can start to build more capital reserves, steady cash flow and increased profit. By the time your first weekly per head fees are due, you should be well on your way to a full recovery.