Offers Bookie Payment Solutions offers a comprehensive software solutions package to run any bookmaking business online. Whether you have five customers or 500, there is a pay per head customized plan tailored to your specific business needs. has been helping private bookies just like you since 1997. Over the years, this has become a top choice for pay per head online gambling software solutions.

Agent Payment Solutions

More recently, this site has developed an Agent Payment Solutions plan that can help you complete your most important task – collecting losing wagers plus commission. This plan is also designed to make it easy to pay off the winning bets as well.

As a general rule, a pay per head software solutions company does not get involved with the financial aspect of the bookie business.

The transfer of funds is a stand-alone business operation outside the realm of pay per head services.’s Agent Payment Solution (APS) is based on using credit cards, MoneyGram or cryptocurrency to handle all financial transactions.

Bitcoin is the leading crypto along with other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple. One thing they all have in common is the ability to make fast, anonymous and secure payments. Best of all, there are zero cryptocurrency transaction fees. This can save you and your customers a substantial amount of money over the course of time.


Getting Started With Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software


Bookie agents working with have the option to pay their weekly per head fees with the use of Bitcoin. Once you are set up for using Bitcoin or some other crypto to pay your weekly PPH fees, it becomes extremely easy to use the same payment means to collect money from your customers.

Cryptocurrency Benefits

Cryptocurrency has been called the future of online sportsbooks both commercial and private.

A large portion of Bitcoin transactions can already be tied to the online gaming industry. The combination of speed and security is a big reason why many aspects of online gambling are handled with the use of cryptos. The fact that no personal information is needed to complete any transaction is another big selling point.

The use of cryptocurrency to run your entire bookie business makes good sense across the board. You can benefit from the added security and so can your sports betting cliental. The fact that the only record is a peer-to-peer transaction number as opposed to credit card information tied directly to the sender and recipient is a major plus.

Safeguarding your personal information and the information of your entire customer base should be a high priority. The combination of’s highly secure operating system and the inherent security built into the use of cryptos is the ultimate way to protect sensitive data. 

Cryptocurrency is definitely the easiest way to complete financial transactions online. However, it is not the only option tied to the Agent Payment Solution offered by As a bookie agent, you can also set up a payment process using credit cards and MoneyGram as another way to transfer funds from one party to the next.

There are transaction fees associated with these type of options but they are still effective ways to settle accounts. The main takeaway is the APS itself. This is the most sophisticated online payment system in place across the entire pay per head industry.