2024-25 NBA Championship Odds and Predictions


The Boston Celtics just got done winning their first NBA title in over 15 years. They seem poised to give it another go next season, and the recent NBA Championship odds indicate they’re a good bet to do just that.

Should the Celtics be the team you back, or is another contender more worth your time? Before you place your bets, let’s look at the latest NBA Finals odds for next year.

2024-25 NBA Championship Odds

The 2024-25 NBA Finals odds are live at the top basketball betting sites. The actual pricing can and will change at any given moment. 

Different periods in the year can promote fluctuation in pricing, too, so be sure to check out our tips for a little insight as to when to place your bets.

For now, here’s a look at the current 2024-25 NBA betting odds for next season’s Finals as of late June, 2024:

2024-25 NBA Finals Odds2024-25 NBA Finals Odds
Boston Celtics +300Denver Nuggets +800
Oklahoma City Thunder +850Minnesota Timberwolves +900
Dallas Mavericks +9500Milwaukee Bucks +1000
New York Knicks +1400Philadelphia 76ers +1400
Los Angeles Clippers +2200Golden State Warriors +2200
Los Angeles Lakers +2200Phoenix Suns +2500
Memphis Grizzlies +3000Miami Heat +3000
Indiana Pacers +4000Cleveland Cavaliers +5000
Sacramento Kings +6000New Orleans Pelicans +6000
Orlando Magic +6500Atlanta Hawks +12500
Chicago Bulls +12500San Antonio Spurs +12500
Houston Rockets +15000Toronto Raptors +25000
Utah Jazz +25000Charlotte Hornets +25000
Brooklyn Nets +25000Washington Wizards +50000
Portland Trail Blazers +50000Detroit Pistons +50000

Boston just got done claiming their first title since 2008 and here they are, favored to run it back. 

They have by far the best odds to win the 2024-25 NBA Finals, but there are other teams worth considering. Let’s break down why Boston does or doesn’t make sense for next year, and what other teams stand out when trying to predict who will win the NBA Finals next.

Why Are the Celtics Favored to Win Again?

The argument against the Celtics is weak. I suppose I could tell you that just two NBA teams have repeated as league champs in consecutive years since 2011. The days of dynasties do seem to be a distant memory, after all.

However, Boston is loaded. They’re not projected to lose anyone worth noting, they’ll probably attract cheap vets seeking their first ring, and they’re incredibly well-coached.

Joe Mazzulla has them watch The Dark Knight to build up confidence.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a head coach to be trifled with. Of course, more importantly, Boston is just really good at just about everything. This team ranked 3rd in defensive efficiency and 1st in offensive efficiency a year ago.

Boston beefed up their defense by landing Jrue Holiday and they just won a title with Kristaps Porzingis barely playing and doing so on one good leg. The Celtics might only get better going into next season, so the real question is why wouldn’t they be favored?

The only real obstacles? Injuries and perhaps complacency. Odds are Boston is deep enough to withstand injuries, though, and they’d probably wake up in time to defend their title. At +300 odds, they’re kind of a screaming value when you look at how good they actually are.

Top 2024-25 NBA Finals Contenders

Boston is absolutely a threat to repeat as NBA champs, so their 2024-25 NBA Finals betting odds honestly look pretty great.

That said, there are still some worthy adversaries in The Association, starting with the team that won it all the year prior, the Nuggets. 

Let’s take a quick look at Boston’s main competition and why you might want to toss some money their way.

Denver Nuggets +800

It’s weird how quickly everyone has forgotten how good the Nuggets are. They coasted to the franchise’s first ever title in 2023 and during the regular season last year appeared to be as good as ever.

Denver has to contend with an improving Western Conference, there’s no denying that. Several other teams are now in position to give them issues, but if healthy, the Nuggets are as talented as anyone.

The Nuggets are one of the few teams that offer a top-10 unit both in offensive and defensive efficiency. They also have multi-MVP stud Nikola Jokic, who is reason enough to back them at their +800 NBA Finals odds.

Milwaukee Bucks +1000

Even more overlooked than Denver would be the Bucks, who have endured quite the fall from grace over the past two years. They’ve remained a force in the regular season, but have quickly gone from the league’s #1 seed and NBA Finals favorite to a total after thought.

Doc Rivers will do that to you. So will not being healthy. Make that two consecutive seasons where Giannis Antetokounmpo wasn’t 100% for the playoffs, and you can guess how Milwaukee’s stay in the post-season went.

On paper, the Bucks still have a fearsome trio with Giannis, Damian Lillard, and Khris Middleton leading the charge. That Big 3 makes them a viable contender, and their +1000 odds are appealing. However, can we trust Doc to make the right calls and this squad to stay on the floor? It’s admittedly a big ask.

Minnesota Timberwolves +900

The Timberwolves appear to have a very bright future ahead of them. It’s worth wondering what changes are coming, of course, seeing as Karl-Anthony Towns is among the possible movers in recent NBA trade rumors.

Assuming KAT and most of this team’s core remains, of course, Minnesota is a threat to reach the NBA Finals. They had the best defense in basketball (105.9 efficiency rating) all year, and youth tripped them up in the WCF.

If Anthony Edwards can stop pointing fingers and the Wolves make a splash move to upgrade their roster, this could easily be next year’s champion.

Dallas Mavericks +9500

We have to talk about the team that just bowed to the Celtics. Dallas was not a legitimate title threat coming into the playoffs, but they hit their stride and willed their way to the league’s biggest stage.

Did they over-achieve? Absolutely. Were they simply lightning in a bottle? Only maybe. The way I see it, Dallas did far better than expected, but when you have a generational talent like Luka Doncic, that’s possible every single season.

Doncic wasn’t healthy in the Finals, though. If he can commit to better conditioning and the Mavs make some big moves to put themselves in better position, these NBA Finals betting odds could look like a joke a few months from now.

2024-25 NBA Finals Sleepers

Sometimes you need a little more upside for the money you’re putting on the line. 

The best sports handicappers only care about wins, but if you seek more value and prefer price over safety, these 2024-24 NBA Finals sleepers could be just what the doctor ordered.

New York Knicks +1400

I’ll start you off with the Knicks, who were grinded to a pulp after an entire year of everyone playing 45 minutes per game. I’m being facetious, but Tom Thibodeau is notorious for over-playing his guys, and he certainly was guilty of that last season.

At full strength, the Knicks have proven they could be a serious problem. And that was the case even when they weren’t, as Jalen Brunson went into superhero mode for much of last year.

This team was very good even without Julius Randle for their entire playoff run. In fact, they acquired Bojan Bogdanovic to help their bench scoring, and even he was lost to injury.

New York ran into some bad luck, and they could still have a big move up their sleeve. If they can improve their roster even slightly and stay healthy, they look like a viable NBA Finals value bet.

Philadelphia 76ers +1400

If you like the Knicks, you should feel reasonably good about the 76ers, who come in at the same price. In theory, Philly offers more upside, as Nick Nurse is one of the most underrated coaches in the league, and Joel Embiid is an MVP-winning superstar.

Embiid was on track for his second straight MVP nod before getting hurt last year, and that’s been his story for much of his career. Whether it was the deterioration of Ben Simmons or Joel’s inability to stay healthy, he and the Sixers can’t get out of their own way.

The emergence of Tyrese Maxey (25.9 points and 6.2 assists per game last year) was the one major beacon of hope. He forms a lethal one-two punch with Embiid, with Philly possessing the coaching and surrounding depth to potentially take the next step.

Philadelphia may very well be one more big move from being taken seriously, but they’re close.

Phoenix Suns +2500

The Suns have worse NBA Finals odds than the Knicks and Sixers, but they’re closer to contending. In theory, anyways, as they do have to face a stiffer conference as a whole.

There’s always the possibility Phoenix panics and sends a star like Kevin Durant packing, too. However, the fact that the team made a big move in bringing in Mike Bundenholzer as their head coach tells me they might contend.

On paper, they’re probably right. KD, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal do give them a dynamite trio offensively. They just need to keep working together to find the right flow to take that next step.

Miami Heat +3000

It remains to be seen what transpires in NBA Free Agency this off-season, and I’ll be the first to leave Miami for dead if Jimmy Butler bolts.

Nothing about him has led me to believe he will, however.

Butler could leave for greener pastures, but the Heat still have a stellar coach in Erik Spoelstra, and Butler may not find a better situation. Miami also has solid young talent, and after narrowly missing out on a deal to land Damian Lillard, could be one big move from taking a huge leap.

Just think; if Butler stays and Miami finds a way to acquire Trae Young, are you sleeping on this squad? I certainly wouldn’t at this +3000 price tag.

Longshot 2024-25 NBA Finals Bets

Want to up the ante even further? You can always take a stab at the next big thing arriving as soon as this year. 

Usually it takes steps for teams to morph into a true title threat, but it wouldn’t be completely unprecedented for a team to come out of nowhere to chase a title.

If you like the odds, these teams could be worth a bet.

Sacramento Kings +6000

For the Kings, it’s all about talent. They have a terrific inside/outside game via De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, and they also have solid depth and some nice young players with Keegan Murray leading the way.

Sacramento is still 1-2 big moves from overcoming a loaded West, but they’re not as far away as some will have you believe. This was a playoff team just two seasons ago, after all.

Orlando Magic +6500

I also wouldn’t completely ignore the Magic. They’re young, but Orlando was vastly improved en route to a 47-35 record, and they gave the Cavaliers a dog fight in the first round of the playoffs.

Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner are a pretty alluring tandem, and Orlando isn’t afraid to get dirty (2nd in defensive rating last season). With their defensive aptitude and maturing young roster, could Orando see a huge leap and push for a Finals appearance?

I wouldn’t bet everything on it, but Orlando is going to be very good in a few years. Their +6500 NBA Finals odds demand we at least consider they arrive a tad early.

San Antonio Spurs +12500

Lastly, let’s not rule out Wemby delivering Gregg Popovich the ultimate swan song. The legendary Spurs head coach has appeared to be relatively washed in recent years, but that’s nothing Wemby can’t fix.

Wemby can’t do it all on his own, though. San Antonio won just 22 games a year ago, and they have glaring holes. However, talent attracts talent and the Spurs should look to be aggressive as they try to keep their franchise stud happy.

If the Spurs integrate the right pieces this off-season, who is to say a generational player can’t nudge them to a title? They’re certainly one of the bigger longshot NBA picks to win it all, but never say never.

Last 10 NBA Finals Winners

NBA Finals Champions – Last 10 Years
2024 – Boston Celtics
2023 – Denver Nuggets
2022 – Golden State Warriors
2021 – Milwaukee Bucks
2020 – Los Angeles Lakers
2019 – Toronto Raptors
2018 – Golden State Warriors
2017 – Golden State Warriors
2016 – Cleveland Cavaliers
2015 – Golden State Warriors

Tips for Betting on the NBA Championship

Betting on who will win the NBA Finals isn’t always easy. Recent years have proven there are a number of factors that are tough to see coming.

COVID-19 obviously came out of nowhere. Then the Bucks won four games in a row to take out the Suns. After that, we Warriors returned to relevance for no discernible reason, followed by Denver’s first ever title.

Crazy, right? It’s true that NBA Finals betting has been more chaotic lately, but I think it might settle down. Regardless, here are three tips you can use to bet on the Finals a bit more confidently each season.

Place Your Bets Early

The best NBA Finals betting tips is to get your bet placed early. Obviously there is edge both ways, but when looking at someone like the Celtics, I doubt you’ll find a price better than +300 the rest of the year.

Boston is the clear favorite, but some of the NBA Championship odds for other threats are only going to worsen, too. Dallas literally just played in the NBA Finals and are coming in at +9500. If they suddenly make a big signing or trade for a stud player, their odds only improve and suddenly you miss out on some earnings.

Bet on High Seed Teams

Regardless of what you think of Boston or Dallas, one thing’s for sure; it’s wise to bet on teams you think will have high seeds. Why? Because teams with high seeds face the weakest competition first in the playoffs, and they also benefit from home court edge.

Boston was the top seed and benefited from both of those things throughout the playoffs. The Mavs did make the Finals as a surprising five seed, but they also obviously didn’t win.

In fact, since 2010, the champion has been lower than a two-seed just three times. All three times, that team was a three-seed, while two of the three teams enjoyed 50+ win seasons. 

This isn’t always going to be super easy to predict before the season starts, but projecting teams accurately ahead of time can narrow down the legit title threats.

Back a Team That is Tough to Defend

The days of “defense wins championships” aren’t fully gone. You still need to have a defense capable of rising up and getting stops when it matters most.

However, there’s a clear difference between a team like the Timberwolves (#1 in defense) and the champion Celtics (3rd in defense, 1st in offense). Boston can defend at a high level, but they were even better offensively.

Ideally a potential champion can defend very well. But what’s more important? A team so good that they’re virtually impossible to defend.

Boston was that squad this past season. They were still incredibly suffocating at times on the defensive end, but even when their defense was lacking, their offense got it done.

Not everyone is going to have that kind of star power, but the Celtics also just had stellar depth and different pieces that could hurt you from all over the floor. So, you can back Boston again, or you should be seeking out a team capable of doing similar damage on the offensive end.

2024-25 NBA Championship Prediction

You came here for the latest 2024-25 NBA Finals odds, and you got them. You also got a close look at the most viable bets to dethrone the Celtics.

Denver was here two seasons ago and won. Milwaukee has a nice Big 3. Luka got to the Finals and will be out for blood. There are countless other teams who are definitely knocking on the door. Eventually, another team will unseat Boston.

Ultimately, I just don’t see that happening in 2024-25. The one thing the league had going for them was that Boston didn’t know they could get it done yet. Now they do.

Boston may very well be setting up to be a dynasty. I think it starts with a repeat, and I wouldn’t at all be shocked to see them string together even more titles. You can still bet on other teams to win the NBA Finals, but Boston is a really tough sell at +300.

Not ready to bet on next year’s NBA champ just yet? See if these 2024 NBA Draft predictions reveal a different bet worth chasing.

NBA Championship Bet: Celtics +300
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