How to Bet NFL Futures and Props

How to Bet NFL Futures and Props

Mid-February is the calm before the storm when it comes to betting NFL futures. You have the upcoming combine workouts to increase speculation on each team’s plans for late-April’s draft. The biggest date on the NFL offseason calendar next to the draft is March 18. This marks the start of free agency.

From there, avid NFL bettors will have to wait until the start of summer camps and the four-week preseason schedule to capitalize on all the NFL futures posted for the 2020 regular season.

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Betting NFL futures is a definite process. The actual odds are impacted by the early money coming in as well as a team’s player movements with free agency and its picks in the draft.

The biggest thing to remember about these futures odds is that they are heavily based on perception. Nobody knows just how good (or bad) a team will play until the games start counting in the standings.

NFL Futures Betting Strategy

There are two basic betting strategies for betting NFL futures this early in the offseason:

- Bet now to capitalize on excellent value

- Track the movement of the betting odds in a “wait and see” mode

Anyone who bets the NFL on a regular basis knows that last season’s results have little bearing on next season’s potential.

Just this last season, the San Francisco 49ers went from four wins in 2018 to NFC Champions. At the same time, the Los Angeles Rams went from conference champs to third in their own division.


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The New England Patriots have been the lone exception to the norm with their unprecedented success for two decades. There are certain franchises that have been perennial winners over the years but the turnover in the actual 12-team playoff field from one year to the next can be dramatic.

The big question on hand betting 2020 NFL futures concerns the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. If you believe that Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes can do their best Bill Belichick and Tom Brady impression, then there is quite a bit of value at +600 that the Chiefs repeat as champs in 2020.

Remember that the last time any team won back-to-back titles was more than 15 years ago (New England in 2003-2004).

As the offseason progresses, more and more NFL futures will be released. Betting division title odds may offer more value that broader-based picks on conference and Super Bowl winners.

Unless you feel strongly about a team’s odds right now, taking wait-and-see approach to betting NFL futures makes the most sense this time of the year.

Betting Props Can Add Offseason Excitement

Betting NFL props is a different story at any point in the NFL offseason. Many of the betting options disappear as quickly as they were posted. There were quite a few Tom Brady props posted in speculation of his upcoming free agency. These types of bets are designed to add some fun and excitement to the quiet and boring offseason months. Read the linked article above for more NFL Prop betting information.

The first big round of NFL offseason props surround the draft. Most are based on Thursday’s opening round but you can make a whole weekend of the festivities right through the last pick of the draft on Saturday, known as Mr. Irrelevant.

Certain bettors will actually try and handicap draft props depending on which of the hundreds of mock drafts they subscribe to. Betting on how many quarterbacks will come off the board in the first round might offer value in the odds. Betting on a player’s actual draft position is the same as flipping a coin. You can bet that most teams do not know what they are going to do with that coveted first round pick until they are ‘on the clock’.