Online Sportsbooks Ramp Up NASCAR Betting Options for Championship

Led by the Cup Series title race on Sunday, Nov. 8, NASCAR’s 2020 season of racing comes to a close. It has been a wild ride while navigating the challenges brought on by the coronavirus, but motorsports fans and bettors alike still enjoyed a full year of exciting events.

At the highest level of competition, there were also some surprises along the way. Kyle Busch won the Cup Series title in 2019 but the No. 18 Toyota racing team made an early exit from this season’s 10-race playoff.

How to Bet on NASCAR - Beginners Guide

Heading into the final few races on the schedule, both Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin have been dominant forces. Driving the No. 4 Ford, Harvick has crossed the finish line first in nine Cup Series point races this year. Hamlin and the No. 11 Toyota are next on the list with seven first-place runs.

Other drivers of note in the run to the title are Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski. Each are gunning for their second career championship heading down the stretch.

Who Will Qualify for the Championship Race?

When it comes to NASCAR’s young guns in the Cup Series, Chase Elliott is making a strong push to earn a place in the final four-driver field for the championship race at Phoenix Motor Speedway on Nov. 8.

NASCAR’s Cup Series has always enjoyed a strong following of loyal race fans. The actual point races also attract quite a bit of attention from sports bettors each week. The best way to bet on any NASCAR event is through an offshore sportsbook online.

In today’s US sports betting market, offshore books operating online remain the top choice among avid sports fans. One of the main reasons why is betting variety.

Many legal US betting sites are limited in their betting options due to the laws and regulations in their home state.

The easiest way to bet on any NASCAR Cup Series race is by picking the outright winner of the race. Unfortunately, this is also the hardest betting ticket to cash.

Even when you get down to the final few races of the season, the level of competition remains high. One way to expand your chances to win is by betting on the odds for a finish in the Top 3. The overall return will be lower, but this bet is all about increasing your winning probability.

The best way to bet on a Cup Series event is through the head-to-head matchup odds posted by most of the top-rated online sportsbooks.

If you take Harvick over Hamlin, he only has to finish in a higher position than Denny to cash a winner. Just for the record, Harvick has placed inside the Top 10 in 26 of 33 point races this season. Breaking things down even farther, he was in the Top 5 in 20 of those events. This makes him an excellent play in any head-to-head pairing.

Another NASCAR betting option for weekly races are prop bets. The bigger the race, the bigger the list. You might be able to find betting odds for a specific grouping of drivers. Some books will let you bet on drivers against the field. Many times there is quite a bit of value in a Field bet. The list goes on and on to add even more excitement to the action on the track.

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