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Should the Falcons Draft a QB With Pick #4

With the NFL draft right around the corner the Atlanta Falcons hold the number four pick in the draft the question is, do they trade back or do they make a draft choice? There will be a lot of teams that want to trade up for a quarterback at the number four draft spot, the question is should the Falcons trade back or make a draft choice from that spot?

I think it would best suit the Falcons to trade back from this position and gain additional draft capital. looking at hauls that other teams got for their draft picks it would make a lot of sense for the Falcons franchise moving forward to do the same thing.

Some teams like the Carolina Panthers, the New England Patriots and the Washington football team would all be very likely to trade up and try to make a move for a quarterback such as Justin fields or Mac Jones.

If the Falcons were to stay at four overall here are some prospects I think they could possibly look at. Up first with Sewell, the Stellar left tackle out of Oregon had an amazing college career and he's poised to be picked top 5 in the NFL draft this season. This is the least entertaining draft choice, a quarterback like Justin Fields at number four overall, would be much more entertaining, but this would solidify their offense for many years to come and Matt Ryan really isn't that old yet. I think this move is pretty interesting for them moving forward because it provides a lot of stability instead of going for a risky move like a quarterback to provide a long-term higher ceiling.

Like I said though I still think it's in their best interest to trade out of the number for overall draft choice and move back to get additional first round draft picks in future years.

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