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Bet these NBA Favorites on Wednesday to Win a Parlay

The NBA had just three games on the slate Tuesday night but will return with a busy night of action on Wednesday. This is just what those with the urge to get their bets in needed after that quiet night of action.

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Read on for what look to be the best bets for winning big on a parlay.

Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors Picks

Timberwolves vs. Warriors Betting Preview

Best Bet: Warriors -8

If you watched when the Warriors and Timberwolves got together on Monday night, then this pick should come as no surprise. Golden State picked up a dominant win, with Stephen Curry doing something we don’t see too much of.

He scored 15 points in a three-minute span, lighting his opponents on absolute fire, going bonkers. The Warriors have been led offensively by Curry and the upstart Andrew Wiggins.

Minnesota is just a disaster this year, and D’Angelo Russell being in the lineup would make no difference. It is unlikely he plays, and even if he does, nothing will get better.

The team is just not too good, as they are wasting another year of Karl-Anthony Towns’ prime. It’s really too bad that Ryan Saunders hasn’t been able to figure it out.

It’s been great to see him get the chance to coach Minnesota, but it’s clear they will have to bring in someone else.

Bet on the Warriors. No question that they cover.

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Boston Celtics at San Antonio Spurs Picks

Celtics vs. Spurs Betting Preview

Best Bet: Celtics -2.5

The Celtics are currently the hottest team in the East, winners of seven out of their past 10 contests. With Jayson Tatum back in the lineup, they didn’t miss a beat against Chicago.

We even saw Marcus Smart post a double-double in limited minutes in the victory. The Celtics should get Kemba Walker back for this one, giving them their core guys on the floor together for the first time all season long.

San Antonio has been a tough team all year, taking teams down to the wire. And they got very lucky that Dejounte Murray’s ankle injury only cost him one game.

He already has an ACL tear in his career, so it would stink to see him miss any more time. He came back with a vengeance a year ago and has posted multiple triple-doubles during his continued breakout.

The Spurs are a very good team, but they don’t have the tools to beat Boston. The low spread (2.5) makes the Celtics an easy selection.

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Los Angeles Lakers at Philadelphia 76ers Picks

Lakers vs. 76ers Betting Preview

Best Bet: Lakers -2

Watching the Lakers beat the Cavs in a tight game on Monday, you would not have known that LeBron James was listed on the injury report prior. He looked as spry as ever en route to scoring 46 points against his longtime team.

He was unstoppable, and needed every last point. The other players on the Lakers forgot to bring their A-games, and it showed. But he was so good that it actually mattered absolutely zero.

Philadelphia hopes to have Joel Embiid back in the lineup for this one because it is not nearly as good without him. We can praise Dwight Howard all we want, but he’s still very much washed up and nothing more than a solid backup when the team needs one.

When Howard fills in as the starting big, the production of everybody around him tails off. Embiid draws a lot more attention and is a lot more effective with the ball in his hands.

If the spread were any higher than two, this would have to be a game to ignore. But the Lakers being favored by just two points makes this a good one to select. Make sure that the wager here is Los Angeles -2, and finish off your three-game parlay with this.

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