Learn to Bet on Sports: What is a Teaser Bet

As you ease into the world of sports betting, there are those times when you hear terms that you have no idea what they mean but simply smile and shake your head like you do. One of those terms is “teaser.”

You may have heard of teaser bets but don’t know what they are. That’s okay. This article will explain the teaser, what it is, how it works, and offer some easy-to-follow teaser rules.

What Is a Teaser?

A teaser is a type of sports bet you can make that allows you to change the point spread or total on multiple games. If you know what a parlay is, a teaser is essentially a parlay bet in which you buy points on each game involved.

Teasers are most common in football and basketball and are used in point spread betting and total betting.

Example of a Teaser

There are numerous ways to do a teaser bet, but the most common is a six-point football teaser. Bettors pick two games and get six additional points on each line. In order to win a teaser, you must win all bets involved.

Let’s look at an example.

Pittsburgh Steelers +1 vs. Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints -7 vs. Atlanta Falcons

These are the original lines on both games. With a six-point teaser, you can adjust each line by six points. The results would be:

Pittsburgh Steelers +7 vs. Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints -1 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Let’s say Pittsburgh lost to the Ravens, 31-25, and the Saints beat the Falcons 34-31. If you look at the original lines, neither the Steelers nor the Saints would have covered the spread. But, with your teaser-adjusted lines, they both would cover. That means you win the teaser!

Of course, placing the teaser bet is not free. You’ll pay more juice than -110, which is usually the price of any straight bet. Remember, you must win both wagers in order to win the teaser.

NFL Teaser Betting Explained

When to Bet Teasers

Teaser bets are not recommended on sports like college football. There is simply too much volatility. Because of the differences in quality of teams, there are some really shocking lines in college football.

Teasers are not normally good bets on totals either.

Where the teaser bet really makes sense is in the NFL. The majority of NFL games – 30 percent – end with a margin of victory of three, six, or seven points. Knowing this makes teasers very effective wagers.

Bettors can use their six points on a favorite, like the Saints in the example above, and bet them down to -1. It worked in this case as New Orleans won by three.

Teaser Rules

When you start betting teasers, keep the following rules in mind:

> Never tease on college football. Spreads and final scores are just too volatile. The range of outcomes is simply too many.

> Never tease through 0. For example, don’t take a four-point favorite and make him a two-point underdog. One of the possible outcomes – a tie – is not likely to occur as NFL games are designed to not end in a tie. Better bets are making a seven-point favorite a one-point favorite.

> Never pay more than -110 odds on a teaser